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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at an awards show

Can Harry and Meghan Actually Achieve The Life and Career They Want?

Gettyimages | Max Mumby/Indigo
By Sarah Veldman

They are due to carry out the last of their official royal engagements in the coming weeks, and will step down from royal duties by March 31. 'Megxit' is officially happening after quite a dramatic fallout from the announcement itself.

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally embarking on their post-royal life together, many will be wondering what exactly that life is going to look like.

There have been questions about who will pay for their security, how they will make money at all, and whether or not they will take the Hollywood road or the philanthropic route.

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Patrick Jephson Wrote An Article For Vanity Fair

Princess Diana with former private secretary Patrick Jephson
Gettyimages | Tim Graham

Princess Diana's former private secretary has opened up in an article for Vanity Fair about how he thinks the couple will continue in their careers.

He compared the couple to Princess Diana after her divorce, and claimed she had a hard time leaving behind royal duty even after leaving "the firm."

He wrote, "The unwelcome reality is harsh but simple: to deliver the kind of humanitarian message associated with her brand, and to maintain the profile her philanthropic ambitions required, there was no substitute for the royal-style logistics that previously surrounded Diana."

He Writes About Princess Diana After Her Divorce

Princess Diana in a black dress greeting someone
Gettyimages | Princess Diana Archive

In his article he talks about a time when Diana returned to Kensington Palace after asking for "time and space." She asked him what was in the diary, only to be given blank sheets of paper, with no engagements planned for the upcoming period.

Suddenly, he recalled her smile had faded, and Diana would have a "quiet life indeed." He describes the memory as if she regretted her decision to step away from the limelight.

Though, for Meghan and Harry, their actions aren't those of a couple looking for time and space, but of people looking for a high profile outside royal life.

Will The Sussexes Carve Out The Life They're Hoping For?


One point he makes in the article that seems to stick out more than any other is this: "But somewhere, perhaps tucked away in the back of a Sussex mind, there’s a sheaf of blank diary pages. Not this year perhaps, or even next, but eventually the lost familiarity of habit, tradition, and a comforting routine may tug at the Duke’s heart."

Will the Sussexes be able to carve out the life and career they are hoping for themselves? Or, will they fade into obscurity within a few years; no engagements in their diary, no charity events or even celebrity friends to keep them entertained?

Will Harry Manage In His New World?

Prince Harry giving a speech
Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

He also writes, "Harry and Meghan face a similar dilemma: they need the stuff only wealth can provide, but chafe at the obligations and scrutiny of royalty. Yet without royal status, their long-term earning potential could be in doubt—and the power of their celebrity may also diminish the longer they stay away from Buckingham Palace."

This does beg the question: For all the privilege, wealth, and status Harry is accustomed to, how will he manage in this new world of reality that the rest of us live in? Only time will tell.

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