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Disney Plans To Turn Hulu Into a Powehouse With Help Of FX Shows

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By Dannielle Beardsley

Streaming services are definitely where it's at right now. Disney knows this and is cashing in. And FX is having a great time with amazing content and is getting Emmy and Golden Globe nominations left and right to prove it. Disney, through Hulu, is combining the two. With the launch of Disney+ the kids (and okay, most adults) are set for life with viewing content. Now time to capture the rest of the adults. And adults are watching FX shows.

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Picture of the cast of Sons of Anarchy.
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With more than 30 million US subscribers, leaving Netflix in the dust, Hulu is looking to stay in the lead, and that involves FX's best, new, and original content. With FX shows like _American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in the line-up, Hulu has the shows people most want to watch. And after watching The Mandalorian what are the adults supposed to watch on Disney+? We can only cry to Inside Out so many times.

Cate Blanchett at the Golden Globes.
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But we also love new, we want original. FX is delivering that for Hulu too. In April we will get to see Cate Blanchett star in the miniseries Mrs. America, in the summer Kate Mara will star in the drama A Teacher, and in the fall, a new thriller The Old Man based off of the novel, starring Jeff Bridges. Looks like a great relationship on-screen will work in favor of us watching off-screen from the comfort of our couches and sweatpants.

Disney+ logo.
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Last year FX announced Hulu would be its sole home for streaming its shows. Disney did away with FX's own streaming service FX Plus last summer when the Disney-Fox deal was finalized, knowing they would be launching their own FX on Hulu service. For more than 40 of FX's best old and new series, $5.99 (or $13 for a bundle) isn't such a bad deal. Fans overseas will be able to get the same great shows in 2021, when Hulu goes international.

Nick Offerman as a press event.
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But as for new original content for Hulu from FX, we don't have to wait long. In just a few days on March 5th, a new limited drama series is set to launch starring Nick Offerman, best known for his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Offerman will play a CEO of computing company Amaya, suspected of the disappearance of an employee's boyfriend. Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later and Ex Machina, will write, direct, and executive produce the miniseries.

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