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Sharon Osbourne Reveals Being 'Broken' After Ozzy's Affair

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By Kevin JP

Sharon Osbourne recently opened up to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain about the anguish she faced following her husband Ozzy Osbourne's unfaithfulness, which left the Prince of Darkness fearing that she'd leave him. When recounting the aftereffects and the emotional rollercoaster ride that she endured, Sharon, now 67, told Morgan, 'I was just really broken in every sense.' Ozzy, who recently turned 71, addressed the fallout of the affair by saying, 'She cut every sleeve off every coat I own.'

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Ozzy's Hairdresser

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News of an affair the original lead singer of Black Sabbath was having with his former hair colorist, Michelle Pugh originally broke back in 2016 and it caused Ozzy and Sharon to split temporarily. At the time, Ozzy revealed that he was undergoing therapy for sex addiction and he apologized to his mistress and the other women that he slept with during this period. Ozzy claimed to be mortified by the consequences of his behavior and the effect it had on his family. He thanked God that his incredible wife was at his side to support him.

He Said, She Said - Literally

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However, Pugh claimed that, when speaking to People magazine back in 2016, that Ozzy was not a 'sex addict' and that they knew each other professionally for a while before he made advances. She said their relationship was 'like an old-fashioned romance. Being courted. I loved it. When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it', Pugh gushed. Ozzy said that the relationship was nothing more than a physical one and he's sorry if she took it 'out of context'.



Sharon commented on their thirty-plus year relationship by saying 'It’s like a Shakespearian play - our love story. Ozzy’s been a right old f---er with women.' The Ozman threw back a look of astonishment and Sharon quipped,' Well, you have been!' Piers asked Ozzy if he's battled sex addiction in the past and Ozzy likened it to being similar to another type of addiction. 'I think its another fix if you're a junkie like I was, you go for it', he said matter of factly. 'I didn't love any of those women.'

Mama, I'm Stuck at Home

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Ozzy shared with Morgan that he was worried about losing Sharon.'You never know what you have until you've lost it', he confirmed. Ozzy went on, 'She's still here and I'm still here after all of our ups and downs.' Ozzy was recently forced to postpone his upcoming tour due to a fall that required surgery and intense therapy as part of recovery. He's said that he and his wife are closer now than ever before, since being sidelined and 'stuck at home' with Sharon.

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