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Carrie Underwood

The Life Lessons Carrie Underwood Wants To Impart To Fans

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By Aja

On the outside, country star Carrie Underwood appears as an unstoppable force of nature. The woman makes hit songs with every album release. She is the poster woman for the country genre and owns every country station out there. However, life for Underwood hasn't always been roses and rainbows. Even since winning "American Idol" back in 2005, Underwood has endured hardships both professionally and personally. Now the country singer is opening up with the life lessons she's learned throughout her music career.

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Underwood Faced Body Shamming Trolls

Carrie Underwood winning Season 4 of American Idol
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Even celebrities, like Carrie Underwood, crumble under the pressure and scrunity of social media sometimes. Back when she competed on "American Idol" Underwood dealt with body-shamers who'd poke fun at her weight. The Cry Pretty singer exercised excessively, while only consuming 800 calories a day. "Your body is screaming out, I need more calories, I need more carbs," Underwood revealed to the Women's Health Magazine. Eventually Underwood found a healthier diet and exercise regiment that worked for her. Her tormentors soon became her biggest motivators.

Her New Fit52 App Helps Us Get Into Shape

Carrie Underwood on red carpet
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Getting into shape for others is one thing but doing it for ourselves is a step towards well-being. Underwood's body-shamers have encouraged her to help others who need help with their weight-loss goals. The Backsliding singer has developed the Fit52 app; a high-quality, user-friendly system that helps busy people find the time to reach their weight loss goals. When the country singer first started loosing weight, she had "a lack of knowledge" on the right steps to take to reach her goals. With the app, Underwood hopes fans will discover what excerises and diets work best for them, just as she did.

Underwood's Book On Wellness & Health

Carrie Underwood
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Maintaining a good health regiment is an important life lesson Carrie Underwood wants to impart with fans. Not only did she release a fitness app on March 2 but last Tuesday, her first book hit shelves. People struggling with their health can now turn to Underwood's wellness book, Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul and Get Strong With The Fit52 Life. Her biography "views health as an overall balanced approach to things," Underwood told USA Today. "It's more about what your week looks like instead of trying so hard to be super-strict every single day." Underwood knows what's like to have a hectic work schedule and struggling to make time for ourselves, especially our health.

Carrie Underwood Experienced Heartbreaking Loss

Carrie Under & husband Mike Fisher
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Aside from her weight loss struggles, Carrie Underwood endured an even darker time in her career. The Love Wins singer experienced 3 miscarriages, before giving birth to her second son Jacob. The experience taught Underwood a very disheartening lesson about being in control. "For my body to not be doing something it was ‘supposed to do’ was a tough pill to swallow," the country singer told Women's Health. Luckily, Underwood allowed the dark moment to make her into a stronger person. Soon, her and husband, Mike Fisher welcomed their second born.

Working Out Is Underwoods Stress Reliever

Carrie Underwood performing
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Underwood has clearly endured a number of hardships through her career that many fans probably weren't even aware of. The seven-time grammy winner weathered the storm through multiple miscarriages and internet trolls. Now in her mid-thirties, Underwood has learned and grown from those life hardships. By sharing her story with others, she has been able to heal those old wounds. Additionally, exercise helps the singer manage her stress and anxiety, especially when dealing with the phases of her life. Carrie Underwood has plenty on her plate but nowadays, she knows just how to manage her hectic life. She just hopes that others will do the same.

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