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Cody Simpson looks incredible at a Netflix event as he shows off the peace hand sign.

How Serious are Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson?

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Favour

Woof! Anything Miley Cyrus related, has been a surprise since the days of the “Wrecking Ball” song. For several years now, the singer has not ceased to amaze her fans all over the world. About five months ago, Cyrus walked down the aisle with who fans knew to be the love of her life, Chris Hemsworth. Unfortunately, the union did not last as Cyrus began a relationship with a woman known as Kaithlynn Carter. Cyrus has publicly identified as queer, so it did not come as a surprise to anyone that she was exploring.

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Miley Cyrus does not look like she is aging as she looks stunning in a black dress on stage while performing.
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The relationship with Carter was a no-go too as the duo went their separate ways after a short while. After this, Cyrus hitched off another romance with an Australian musician known as Cody Simpson. The duo did not seem serious for a month, but as time went on, they started giving fans the chills. Cyrus had to go through a major surgery for her vocals and was instructed not to talk for a while. During this period, Simpson stayed with her and this made fans amazed.

Cody Simpson & Miley Cyrus looking like the ‘it’ couple in all-black outfit as they pose for the camera.
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It has been four months now and Simpson and Cyrus are still going strong. This is shocking because fans were skeptical when the love spree began.

Now, fans are wondering if the couple are trying to take things a step further. It seems like the love birds are trying to start a family. Recently, a rumor began on social media stating that Cyrus was pregnant with her first child and we all know who the baby daddy will be. How true is this rumor? Let’s find out.

Cody Simpson dazzles in colored T-shirt and denim a pant to match.
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Cody Simpson was involved in an interview with “Daily Telegraph” recently, and talked about his career. While speaking, he mentioned that he would love to return to Australia soon, where he would want to raise a family. Now, fans put the equation together quickly, insinuating that since Simpson is talking of having a family, it can only mean that Cyrus may be expecting.

No one knows how true this rumor is as none of the couple has come out to debunk or accept them.

Miley Cyrus dresses as a cowgirl in denim pant, crop top, a jacket and a cowboy hat.
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The thought of Cyrus being pregnant is amazing to so many fans and till she comes out to debunk the rumors, they would like to stick to that theory. Cyrus has been in several relationships with top stars in the industry. Two notable stars she was romantically involved with include; Nick Jonas and Chris Hemsworth. While she dated Jonas for less than a year, she had a 10-year off and on relationship with Hemsworth, which did not end well.

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