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Bhad Bhabie Goes After Skai Jackson Again, Argues With Her Mother

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By kenadijiba

Did you think for a second the BhadBhabie and Skai Jackson drama was thrown overboard, and erased from the social consciousness. Well, sadly this is not the case and things keep progressing at a rapid rate. Danielle Bregoli seems to be the main instigator when it comes to not accepting the strong message that this “beef” is old news. Her recent Instagram lives only prove time and again why she was on Dr. Phil in the first place. Here is what went done.

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"Catch Me Outside" Again?


The “catch me outside” connoisseur Danielle Bregoli popped her rap career off a few months after that referenced clip went viral. Oddly she found a way to monetize her rowdy behaviour and is now a bonafide millionaire. But clearly money does not buy home training, and her lives illustrate that. While speaking to approximately 30,000 viewers Danielle went in on Skai Jackson and continued to threaten her profusely. Even going as far to state she would kill her which as expected didn't go down too well.

Build Up Of Anger

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This conflict from Bregoli’s perspective was a quietly simmering buildup of slight digs from Jackson. All surrounding Skai’s finsta activity that included a comment about Bregoli’s well known ex N.B.A Young Boy. Bregoli went on to say that Skai flaunting her attraction for Young Boy wasn't necessarily the straw that broke the camel's back, but in turn was the point that pushed her to speak out in some capacity. She then went on to point out that if she doesnt say something to defend herself then she is regarded as scared, but when she does then people look at her as a drama queen.

Fight With Mother On Live

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The more shocking elements of the video were tied to some of Bregoli's statements about not making it to 18. Suicidal thoughts were brought up as well. Her mother soon thereafter got involved and started to argue with people on the live, which was disconcerting. Danielle in a telling manner kept saying in response to her mother's behaviour that this is where she got her `crazy” from. Clearly as a teenager Bregoli is stressed by familial issues, and internet fame pressures.

Is It Finally Laid To Rest?

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Hopefully since Skai has officially placed a restraining order on the rapper, this problem can be laid to rest. As for Bregoli it seems by her own actions that she is subtly calling out for help or some type of reassurance. As people it is in human nature to search for levels of validation. Initially from childhood our self esteem can be established or neglected. For Bregoli and by admission of her own words that might have been put on the back burner. All this scrutiny can't be beneficial.

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