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Harry Styles & Lizzo

Lizzo And Harry Styles Like The Idea Of Collaborating On A Song Together! Will It Happen?

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Aja

It's crazy that celebs are fans of other famous people's work! The most unexpected turn of events happened when Lizzo and Harry Styles took the stage together at a SiriusXM and Pandora concert in Miami ahead of the 2020 Super Bowl back in February. Though Lizzo has plenty of other famous friends for fans to gush over, her friendship with Harry Styles has gained the most attention. The two seem unlikely to become besties, but stranger things have happened. Now all anyone wants to know is if the two will collab on a song together?

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Harry Styles Is Inspired By Lizzo

Harry Styles performing
Gettyimages | NBC

Harry Styles has nothing but adoration for fellow singer Lizzo and with good reason. He has already given praise to the songstress by covering her hit single Juice and sharing a duet with Lizzo on stage at the 2020 Super Bowl. Both events have gone viral, sparking interest in the two possibly collaborating together. Styles seems open to the idea, but only if the moments right. "She is a very forward thinker and is great at being herself. Sometimes you're going to like it and sometimes you're not, and that's amazing. Because people aren't perfect." Harry Styles appreciates Lizzo's honesty.

Lizzo Gave A More Raunchy Response

Lizzo performing
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Lizzo also shared her admiration for the Adore You singer in an interview with KISS FM in the UK, though it wasn't as "clean" of a tribute as Styles. The singer is not only known for her bold outfits but also her dirty jokes. When questioned on whether or not there was a possible collaboration brewing between herself and Styles, the singer responded with, "The collab happened last night," to which the hosts gave low snickers. When the interview circled back around to the question again, Lizzo replied more blatantly, "We collabed. He put his (bleep) in my (bleep) hole." Sure it's a joke but that statement raised some eyebrows.

Lizzo Performed A Cover Of Harry Styles "Adore You"

Lizzo performing on stage
Wikimedia |

Though the two certainly seem like the odd pairing, they are definitely fans of one another. Not only does Harry Styles love Lizzo's work but the Truth Hurts singer is fan of his as well. Last month, Lizzo took to BBC's Radio 1's Live Lounge to perform a stripped-down cover of Styles Adore You. The singer's performance was just as good as her duet with the former One Direction member at the 2020 Super Bowl. Clearly Lizzo wants to do collab with Styles. They should make it happen!

Are They Dating Or Just Friends?

Lizzo performing
Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Given all the publicity surrounding these two, it's no wonder that dating rumors haven't started yet. Some fans are begininning to speculate that it has to do with a sense of racism and disregard for plus women in the media. Many fans collectively believe if Styles were seen out with a skinny white woman, the press would immediately draw the conclusion that they were dating. However, his association with Lizzo doesn't seem to go beyond anything than platonic, even when it's pretty obvious the two are flirting. At the start of his career, Harry Styles did have quite the track record for "stealing the wives of husbands." He's still a bit of a lady's man today.

Harry Styles & Lizzo At The Brit Awards

Lizzo at 2020 Brit Awards
Gettyimages | David M. Benett

At least some progress is being made on the speculation, with some writers already shipping the two as Hizzo. According to Cosmopolitan source, Styles and Lizzo were rather handsy with each other, at the 2020 Brit Awards. The source eluded to the fact that they could be more than friends, by Lizzo's eager shoulder touch, Styles head-rest on her chest and their hand holding. Those are gestures that most couples tend to do, especially if they are very affectionate with each other. If Lizzo and Styles are truly an item, all the more to them.

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