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Nick Jonas Shares How His Relationship with Blake Shelton Has Developed on 'The Voice' After 'Bulling Comments

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By Zachary Holt

When it was first announced that Blake Shelton's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, would be leaving the show as a coach to focus on her residency in Las Vegas, while simultaneously being replaced by Nick Jonas, Shelton had some choice words.

The country star was no doubt joking in his comments, but he made sure to let Jonas know that 'The Voice' was his show and that everything ran through him. Playful bullying at its finest. Well, now that the new season has been going for a few weeks, Jonas has opened up about his relationship with Shelton on the show and the 'bullying' that was promised upon filming.

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Shelton Tells Extra Magazine He'll Be 'Bullying' Jonas During the Next Season

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At the end of the year in 2019, when it was announced that Stefani was leaving the show and being replaced with Jonas, Shelton told Extra Magazine that he was going to take his frustration out on the new coach.

"I’m gonna take [Gwen leaving] out on Nick Jonas," he said to the outlet. "I mean, it’s not his fault. But I’m not happy about it and he’s gonna be sitting there, the new guy. So I’m gonna bully him a little bit, to be honest with you." His comments mainly stemmed from having to compete for contestants with a young, popular musical artist that Shelton felt would give him a run for his money.

The Country Singer Sends Jonas a 'Welcome to the Show' Video on 'Ellen'

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Shelton even had a personal message for Jonas before he joined the show. On The Ellen Degeneres Show, Shelton made a 'welcome' video where he didn't 'mince' his words towards the former boy band member and new show coach.

"Nick Jonas! How you doin’, buddy?" the country star said in the video. "I heard that you’re going to be a new coach on The Voice and I wanted to say congratulations I guess.I’m going to have to look through the rules because this is my TV show,” he joked. “I’m not even sure if you’re old enough to be a coach on The Voice, but I’m certain that you’re going to get your butt kicked, buddy."

Clarkson and Legend Plan to Team Up with Jonas Against Shelton on Show

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While Shelton's words came as more of 'challenge' than a threat, fellow coaches Kelly Clarkson and John Legend also had some welcome videos, albeit, a lot friendlier in nature. "Our mission is to destroy Blake Shelton. We have to form an alliance. Me, you, Kelly," Legend said in his personal video to Jonas. Clarkson also shared the same sentiments of teaming up against Shelton.

Well, given that the new season has been on the air for a few weeks now, Jonas felt that it was appropriate to speak about the experience on the show and his relationship with Shelton, as it relates to the promised 'bullying'.

Jonas Has Had Fun on 'The Voice' Working with Shelton, Says They Have a 'Really Good Dynamic'

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Speaking with Variety, Jonas shared his experience this far on the show and what it's been like working with Shelton. "I think any time you have a new guy, you can expect to be a little bit of a target," the former Jonas Brother shared.

"But Blake is very good at doing his Blake thing. Contrary to his public comments about bullying me as the new guy, we have a lot of fun together and found a really good dynamic early on. I think the show only works when everyone’s having a good time, and Blake really sets that tone for the rest of us." It's good to know the two are getting along, despite the intense competition between them as it pertains to getting people on their teams.

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