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Who's Going to be on 'Bachelor In Paradise' in 2020?

Gettyimages | Tobias Arhelger / EyeEm
By Megan Prevost

There's so much news these days with The Bachelor nearing its ending and The Bachelorette getting cast, that Bachelor In Paradise isn't getting enough love.

The 7th season of Bachelor In Paradise is right around the corner. Who do we think we'll be heading to paradise to find love this season?

To be clear, these are not the actual cast members. The cast hasn't been announced yet. However, these are some contestants that fans would love to see take on the show.

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Could Anyone From Peter's Season Head to Paradise?

Giphy | The Bachelor

Peter's season has been a wild ride, and it's not over yet. There are still two more episodes, including Women Tell All and the finale.

It's true that fans didn't really like most of the girls from Peter's season, but there were a few standouts. Natasha Parker and Kelley Flanagan were both fan-favorites that we would love to see find love in paradise.

Mykenna Dorn, sent home for laughing at Tammy, could also show up. She has the perfect upbeat personality for paradise.

Victoria F? Oh No...

Giphy | The Bachelor

Victoria F. has been a hot topic lately, and many think that she's a viable option for Bachelor In Paradise. However, since she's such a hot topic of controversy, it's like that no one would want to talk to her in paradise. For that reason alone, she probably won't be included.

However, Bachelorette alumni Garrett Powell thinks otherwise. He even tweeted, "This is where Victoria F starts her #BachelorInParadise campaign."

She could bring a lot of drama to another show, and we can't decide if we're here for that or not.

Demi Burnett Likely Won't Return

Giphy | The Bachelor

Demi Burnett was on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, although her engagement from the show fell apart after airing. She's currently in a relationship with Slater Davis, so she's likely not going to return to the show.

However, one fan tweeted, "Can @demi_burnet be a bartender with @WellsAdams on #bachelorinparadise? Both guys and girls have a counterpart to confide in. She's so confident well spoken and a reoccurring face each season that we enjoy."

We love Demi, so hopefully she makes a comeback in some capacity.

Clare and Peter's Rejects

Giphy | The Bachelor

Since Peter's rejects girls are heading to Bachelor In Paradise, it's safe to say that some of the men from Clare's season of The Bachelorette will be heading there too.

Clare is a little bit older, so it'll be funny to watch the mix of older men and younger women in paradise.

One twitter user even tweeted, "I just feel bad for @Clare_Crawley rejects that are gonna have to be on #BIP #bachelorinparadise wiht Peters rejects. Like I wonder what their babysitting fees are gonna be?"

We can't wait to see who ends up on Bachelor in Paradise, but we'll probably have to wait a while for that news.

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