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Two of Steven Spielberg's daughters and actress Drew Barrymore

The Mugshot of Steven Spielberg's Daughter Has Been Released

Gettyimages | Lester Cohen
By Angelic Conoscere

One of the daughter's of the famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg was arrested on February 29th. Mikaela Spielberg's mugshot for her domestic abuse arrest was just released to the public. The incident took place in Nashville, Tennessee when Spielberg and her fiance had gotten into an argument. The daughter of the filmmaker was looking mighty distraught in her mugshot photo, it was visible to tell that she had been crying. Police was called to her apartment that she shares with her fiance when the argument between the couple grew physical.

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The Altercation

Mikaela with her sister and her mother
Gettyimages | Donato Sardella

It was reported by TMZ that Mikaela and her fiance had went out to a bar and when they had arrived at their apartment he had made a "rude" comment towards her. Mikaela had responded by throwing items at him which one landed on his hand which had caused visible damage. When the Nashville Police had arrived on the scene they had seen the harm that Spielberg had caused that prompt them to take her into custody. It is unknown on the exact comments that he had said to her.

What They Told Police

Mikaela standing to the left of her dad Steven Spielberg
Gettyimages | Jeffrey Mayer

Mikaela and her fiance Chuck Pankow had admitted that their dispute had turned physical. However, seeing the blood on Pankow's hand along with it being swollen they deemed Spielberg as "the aggressor". The police also stated that Pankow's description of the night remained the same while Spielberg was giving different versions on how their night had happened. It was also stated that Pankow did not want any charges to be brought onto his fiance but the police proceeded to arrest her anyways. She was later released from jail when she had paid for her $1,000 bond.

Being Viewed By the Media

Steven Spielberg was his wife and half of his kids including Mikaela
Gettyimages | Albert L. Ortega

This is not the first time the two have had eyes on them. Many people were shocked to learn that the professional dart player and Steven Spielberg's daughter were dating. Since Pankow is 24 years older than Mikaela many were taken back when it was learned that the two were romantically involved. Mikaela Spielberg has also been in the news recently due to her announcing her future career in adult films. The 23 year old had recently opened up to the public on her decision.

Future in Adultfilms

Steven Spielberg on stage
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

While Steven Spielberg is widely known for his successful creation of dozen of Hollywood films his daughter has decided to start her career in films as well. Mikaela has recently stated that she was "tired" of not being successful at making money off of her personal appearance. She had felt that the current work that she was taking part of was not satisfying enough. Therefore, resulted in her decision to become an adult film star. One of Mikaela's hopes is to decrease the stigma behind working in the adult film industry while also promoting a positive experience. It is an extremely bold move to make, hopefully she is able to be successful with this decision.

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