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Prince Charles and Prince William Teaming Up to Save the Monarchy, Preserve Royal Family Image

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By Zachary Holt

With the vacuum that was created by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's departure from their duties as senior members of the royal family, it's being reported that Prince Charles and Prince William, the Duke of Sussex's father and brother, respectively, are picking up the slack and building a bond that was previously not seen. Their goal for this union, of course, is to protect the monarchy from further damage and to restore a positive public image of the royal family. Royal expert and commentator Katie Nicholl shared the details on the relationship and the reasons for its development.

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Prince William Is Being Asked to Make More and More Big Decisions For Family

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Prince William didn't always want to be the future heir to the throne, but as he has grown up, the Duke of Cambridge has become an effective statesman and has been enlisted to help with some of the bigger decisions the royal family has had to make over the last several years.

Following the scandal with Prince Andrew and the allegations that he was involved in a sex-trafficking ring with the now-deceased and disgraced, Jeffrey Epstein, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles relied on Prince William's input on what to do about the ordeal and how best to approach preserving the family image amid the scandal.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles Ask For Input From William on 'Megxit'

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Not much time later when it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be relinquishing their roles as senior members of the royal family and moving to North America, the queen and Prince Charles once again called in Prince William to help in determining the best course of action during the controversy.

According to sources, these instances where the Duke of Cambridge has assisted in big decisions isn't a fluke. His father and grandmother believe that he is a crucial member of the family and has the power to change public perception, even before he ultimately becomes king.

Sources Indicate Bond Is Strengthening Between Prince Charles and Prince William

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Prince Charles' biographer, Sally Bedell Smith, recently spoke about the warming alignment between Prince Charles and Prince William during the controversial moments. "Apart from the very visible bond, there’s plenty of evidence indicating a closer alignment between Charles and William," she recently said. "During the crisis over Prince Andrew’s scandals last year, both the Queen and Prince Charles ensured that Prince William played an active role in the decision-making."

"That cooperation was also apparent in hammering out an agreement with Harry and Meghan to leave their official duties with the royal family," Smith continued. Another source echoed these sentiments, sharing that there's no doubt the bond between father and son are getting stronger.

The Father and Son Are Trying to Maintain Sovereign Image, Amid Recent Controversy

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"There’s a sense of the family pulling together and presenting a united front and being busier than ever. There has definitely been a shift in William’s relationship with his father," the source revealed.

"They are very much a team. With Harry and Meghan overseas, a lot rests on William and the word that keeps coming up is ‘sovereign.’ Charles is passionate about sovereignty and how he and his son will be the embodiment of that. I would say it is what drives him and what he is most committed to." With Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth not anticipated to be around much longer, it's important for Prince Charles and Prince William to prepare taking hold of the monarchy before it's too late.

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