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Lizzo on the red carpet

Lizzo Is Collaborating With Tommy Hilfiger On A New Clothing Line

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Aja

With body types being celebrated everywhere, Lizzo has spearheaded this society into an era of change. The Cuz I love you singer is bold in every sense of the word. She dances, sings and even dresses the way she wants, without a care in the world. She is an inspiration to many girls and women, making everyone of us feel seen and heard. Though some of her fashion choices aren't agreeable, Lizzo's message of body positivity is clearly heard. Tommy Hilfiger certainly heard it, and wants to join forces with her to create a new fashion line.

Lizzo Loves Bikkinis

Lizzo performing
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Lizzo has some serious considerations when it comes to fashion sense. For starters, she believes clothes should be made to fit all woman of all body types. Secondly, any woman, no matter her size, should flaunt her body in a bikini. The singer loves to wear risque clothes, even to the beach. The Truth Hurts singer took a few Instagram snaps of herself posing on the beautiful beaches of Auckland, New Zealand in nothing but a gold metallic bikini. Lizzo loves striking a pose, basking in all her glory. Her motto is basically just self-love. Beauty starts from within, not the other way around.

Lizzo's Instagram Is All About Self-Acceptance

Lizzo performing
Gettyimages | Don Arnold

Lizzo's bikini photos are just a taste of what the singer's social media handler is like. When viewing her Instagram page, fans will right away spot Lizzo's confidence in herself and her body. The Good As Hell singer often adorns herself in lingerie and fancy outfits, serving up fans both classy and raunchy looks. Her long, dark mermaid locks are especially beautiful. Even her makeup is on point! The singer should consider doing a hair and makeup tutorial at some point. One thing fans can take away when viewing Lizzo's instagram page is that she wholeheartedly accepts herself and encourages others to do the same.

Lizzo Attended Laker's Game In A Thong

Lizzo at 2019 Laker's Game
Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky

Lizzo is all about breaking barriers and doing away with stereotypes. The singer knows that with fame, comes the price of scrutiny. However, the haters never stopped Lizzo from achieving her dreams. Most importantly, they never stopped her from expressing herself. Back in December 2019, Lizzo made an especially special appearance at a basketball game with the Los Angeles Lakers against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Lizzo both shocked and surprised fans with her cut-out dress revealing a thong. Not only that but she proceeded to twerk! A basketball game where families go isn't the most appropriate place to display herself but then again, Lizzo does whatever she wants.

Her Laker's Game Stunt Created Mixed Feelings

Lizzo at a Laker's Game
Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky

Obviously Lizzo's outfit warranted comments from both fans and critics. Her dedicated fan base even shot back at the haters who collectively spokeout against Lizzo's ensemble, stating that it wasn't appropriate for a "family event." Nonetheless, fans fired back at haters, stating that their comments were body-shamming the star. One fan made the interesting observation, "If it were someone who'd been skinny, showing off their body, no one would say anything." True but Ariel Winter recently faced backlash for her see-through number at the Modern Family Wrap Party as well. All and all, Lizzo's didn't care what anyone thought of her outfit!

Lizzo's Collab With Tommy Hilfiger Is In The Works

Tommy Hilfiger at a fashion event
Gettyimages | Estrop

What Lizzo loves, apparently so does everyone else. The 31 year-old singer doesn't care what the anyone thinks. Though, she definitely gave a listening ear to long-time fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger. It seems that after Lizzo's Laker Game stunt, Hilfiger immediately reached out to the star for a possible collaboration. Hilfiger has already worked with other A-list singers like Zendaya and H.E.R in the past. Lizzo and Hilfiger have confirmed their partnership but no word yet on when to expect the promising fashion line. If Lizzo had her way, she'd want to make an entire collection of thongs!

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