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Celebrities And Fans Alike Are Going Crazy Over The 'Friends' Reunion

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By Aja

There's nothing more exciting than finally seeing our favorite shows being reintroduced into modern society. The show creators behind the nostaglic series Friends finally gave fans the reunion they've been dreaming of since 2004. People have been begging for a reboot for years, hoping that one day it would happen. Now it finally has and everyone is going crazy over the news, including celebrities. Who knew that famous people were dedicated fans to the show as well? Everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Selena Gomez is thrilled about the Friends reunion!

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The Phenomina That Is "Friends"

A Pop-Up In New York For Friends
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The hit sitcom was so popular that it's become one of the greatest shows on television. It was one of Netflix's most watched shows, out beating even Grey's Anatomy. Friends won a slew of awards and nominations, including seven Primetime Emmy Awards before finally winning the "Outstanding Comedy Series Award" in 2002. The show was so popular among viewers that it ranked no. 21 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. A show with that much viewership deserves its own monument.

The Cast Were Friends Outside Of Show!

The cast of "Friends"
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Not only was it the ratings that made the show so popular, but also it's relatability. Friends told the story of six friends living in Manhattan who supported one another during relationship troubles and life problems. The cast in real life have even become real-life friends, adding even more authenticity to the show. Jennifer Aniston revealed back in 2019, that it's "sometimes difficult to get the whole crew back together due to work schedules." Fortunately, it isn't as hard for her and girl pal Courtney Cox to meet up regularly. The cast have taken to posting pics of their outings together, stirring up rumors about a possible reunion.

When Will It Air On HBO Max?

HBO Max promotional display
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With so much praise and the successful run of ten seasons, why are on Earth would they ever consider not doing a Friends reboot? The series practically made Netflix as big as it is today, if not bigger. People were so upset when they heard the news about it moving on to HBO Max that they started binge-watching all 10 seasons. That is some serious dedication for just one show! Friends will be available on the streaming service this May, along with the reunion special. In just a couple of months, the wait will finally be over!

Celebrities Couldn't Believe The News

Reese Witherspoon
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Crazily enough, even big-name celebrities were estatic over the news, especially stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jenna Dewan, Awkwafina, and Ashley Benson who all bombarded Aniston's instagram with praise and plenty of emojis. Many of them were even in shock, with Awkwafina asking the often seen question, "WHAT?" in all caps. Other celebs that have yet to comment are stars like Selena Gomez. The Rare singer is a big-time fan of Jennifer Aniston and her character Rachel. BTS also revealed during James Corden Carpool Karaoke that they watched all 10 seasons of Friends as well. It's insane that so many celebs love the show!

It's Been A Long Time Coming For The Fans

Cast of "Friends"
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The cast of Friends may be returning to our tv screens for an hour but that's enough time to give fans the closure they need. After all, it's been years since the cast gave their final bow in 2004. When the cast confirmed the news of a reunion on their social media accounts, fans were happy that they'd have a chance to see their favorite characters on tv on last time. Many were filled with utter joy while others gave reactions using scenes from the show. One Twitter fan posted: "After 16 years . . . it's happening!" The amount of praise the Friends reunion is getting is so surreal right now!

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