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'Love Is Blind: Quarantine Edition': 'SNL' Spoofs Popular Netflix Dating Show

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By Megan Prevost

Saturday Night Live has been falling under the radar recently with its sketches. Adam Driver's episode brought full laughs and great content, but otherwise the episodes have been a little rocky.

John Mulaney's episode failed to deliver hilarious content, which is surprising coming from him. Mulaney has mastered the art of content, and as he was previously an SNL writer, the two should have lined up.

However, they didn't, leaving the show feeling just okay instead of hilarious. There were a few stand out sketches, including Love Is Blind: Quarantine Edition.

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What is 'Love Is Blind'?


Love Is Blind is a popular dating show from Netflix, starring a cast of eligible single people who are looking to find love. Not only are they looking for love, they're looking for marriage.

These men and women date everyone in the experiment. The catch is, they can't see each other. They sit in opposite pods, where they can only hear each other's voices. As they begin to like or fall in love with someone, they narrow done who they're dating.

Once engaged, they get to see each other face to face. They then have to face other obstacles before they can actually get married.

'Love Is Blind: Quarantine Edition'

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SNL does a great job of skirting in between appropriate and hilarious, most of the time. However, this "Quarantine Edition" of the popular dating show Love Is Blind may have taken it just a step too far.

While it tries to be funny, the humor mostly falls flat. The cast members portray singles looking for love. The twist this time is that they're all being quarantined because of the coronavirus. They make jokes about how they came into contact, one "contestant" even stating that she licked a pole.

Funny But Not Hilarious


Mulaney's character is a totally unwell man who is clearly on the brink of dying from the coronavirus. Mulaney is usually hilarious, but this character was just plain boring. They didn't use Mulaney to his full potential, and fans are recognizing that.

In a review by [IndieWire, LaToya Ferguson]( writes that,

"But then Mulaney gets in the hosting position, and while the role of sitcom star may not have worked out for him, he’s proven both here and as a stand-up that he knows how to perform for a live audience.

That is also on top of proving he knows how to write a funny sketch. Combine those strengths, and you have an ultimate A-grade episode of “SNL.” Somehow fail to combine those strengths — particularly on the writing end, which only hurts the performing end — and you get this episode of “SNL.”"

What's Happening to 'SNL'?

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'SNL' just isn't providing the same quality comedy that it used to. Of course, there have been highlights recently, such as Adam Driver and Eddy Murphy's episodes.

It seems like the show might be stuck in the past. They're unable to move on from content that their audience just doesn't find funny anymore. One sketch from the episode has Kate McKinnon singing a song with the lyrics "I'm old enough, but it's still kind of dicey."

SNL still has its high points, but this episode with Mulaney as the host didn't make the cut.

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