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The Truth About 'Matrix 4' Actor Keanu Reeves

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By Lacretia Roberts

Keanu Reeves has been called a legendary philanthropist by some and others are still astonished that the 'John Wick' star who does so well playing a skilled action hero, could ever possibly be so nice.

Keanu has been nominated over 27 times and won over 10 awards including, the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Action/Science Fiction Actor in the Matrix and two MTV Movie Awards for Best Fight and Best Male Performance just to name a few.

The celeb has been acting in roles since appearing in Speed in the 90's.

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Perhaps one of the stars most iconic films was that of Producers, The Wachowski Brother's, 'The Matrix.'

A science fiction film that was far ahead of it's time in multiple aspects, 'The Matrix' has been nominated 50 times and won over 40 awards including Academy Award wins in categories for best film, best sound, best effects and best editing.

Though the trilogy marks a dominant portion of Keanu's career, he isn't done with the role of Neo just yet. Upcoming in 2021, 'The Matrix 4' has been announced and is currently filming.

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Though 'Neo' is making a comeback, another iconic character, 'John Wick,' has also made headlines for Keanu, as it too developed a trilogy spanning a total of 5 awards and 8 nominations for the actor, among which include a World Stunt Award for Best Fight.

The 'John Wick" franchise is also set to release chapter 4 in 2021.

While fans are gravely excited about these two roles expanding, there's something else that makes the award winning actor almost unbelievable as a celebrity.

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What makes Keanu such a deviant from typical celebrities, is that he takes philanthropy to a whole new level.

Some may have heard how the 'Matrix' trilogy star gave away his profit sharing points to the special-effects and costume-design team according to ABC, because he felt they deserved it for their efforts in the film.

The actor also apparently negotiates lesser salaries for himself in order to allow his production team to afford other A list names in his films.

Unlike any other celebrity, Reeves is sincere, genuine and extraordinarily humble.


Keanu has set quite the precident for being charitable and respectful as he has become known for his frequent andgenerosity.

He donates to charities, secretly. Yes you read that correctly, he donates without the need for publicity, media or any recognition at all.

Those who encounter the actor describe him as caring, and willing to go out of his way to be kind and considerate of others.

With many celebrities typically requesting elite treatment as a result of their status, Keanu and his rare demeanor is quite "breathtaking."

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