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'The Bachelor' Hasn't Been Spoiled This Season, But Chris Harrison Isn't Concerned

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By Megan Prevost

Let's face it, The Bachelor has never really been that good at keeping the ending under wraps. Spoilers always end up coming out, and Reality Steve always uncovers the winner before the end.

However, this season is different. We're only a week away from the finale of The Bachelor and no one knows how the season is going to end.

There are many different guesses, and lots of speculation, but no one knows for sure exactly who Peter Weber is going to end up with.

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Peter's Promise

Giphy | The Bachelor

Peter promised us from the beginning of his season that it wouldn't be spoiled. So far, that's been the case. While Reality Steve has spoiled each episode's eliminations, the ending remains a complete mystery.

While Peter seems to care about his season staying spoiler free, Chris Harrison has a different opinion on spoilers and their place in Bachelor Nation.

On The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, Harrison revealed what he thinks about spoilers, and how he feels about his show being spoiled each season.

Harrison Confirms This Season is Spoiler Free

Giphy | The Bachelorette

On the podcast, Harrison confirmed that the ending to the season remains spoiler free. However, Lauren Zima may have spoiled it by accident.

Lauren Zima is a correspondent at Entertainment Tonight and also Harrison's girlfriend. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Zima may have spoiled the ending of the show.

Zima's tweet read,

"Peter: "I know what I have with Hannah Ann: she's someone I will be able to lean on always, 100% through the good and bag times and is the absolute best feeling in the world." ...HOW DOES HE NOT PICK HANNAH ANN THEN?!"

Harrison Keeps Away From Accidental Spoilers

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On the podcast, Harrison explained that he doesn't talk about The Bachelor with anyone in his personal life, not even Zima. He does this because he's afraid he might accidentally spoil something.

He even stated that Zima doesn't want to know any spoilers. She chooses to approach her journalism in a normal way, by watching the episodes as they air.

So, maybe what Zima tweeted is just a guess toward the finale? Maybe she thinks that Madison wins and is already discouraged about the fact.

On Gossip Sites Like 'Reality Steve'

Giphy | Jenny Lorenzo

"I guess information makes people feel powerful and it makes them feel like they have worth," Harrison said when speaking about sites who try to spoil the show.

He mentioned that he doesn't mind if people talk about the show. There are many spoilers already out there (thanks, Reality Steve, that some things are already common knowledge.

What bothers him is people posting about how the season ends when they really don't know the ending. Or in the past, when they spoil the actual ending.

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