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Chris Harrison

'Bachelor' Host, Chris Harrison, Reveals that He is Not Worried about Spoilers

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By Mark Evans

Google "The Bachelor," and you are sure to find someone's opinion on how this season with Bachelor Peter Weber is going to end. Those who work on the show do their best to keep the real storyline under wraps, but fans are relentless and will dig up even the most obscure clues. There are countless theories of how the show will end each season, but more often than not, the real conclusion of The Bachelor remains tightly sealed. Although there are rumors circulating about who Peter Weber will end up at the end of this season, his season of The Bachelor has been spoiler free thus far.

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Chris Harrison
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Weber had previously promised that those who write gossip columns would not be able to spoil the show before the final rose ceremony. And during a recent interview, Chris Harrison confirmed that this season of The Bachelor is still spoiler-free. Then, he focused on those people and gossip sites who seek to spoil the show before it finishes. Harrison is in a relationship with Entertainment Tonight correspondent Lauren Zima. This coupling could be controversial when it comes to bachelor spoilers. People's antennas went up with a recent tweet that she quickly deleted. Zima may or may not have revealed something about who Weber ends up with.

Chris Harrison
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During a podcast interview, Harrison said that he doesn’t discuss spoilers with Zima. In fact, he doesn’t tell anyone close to him anything about the show. This disciple enables Harrison from ever accidentally spoiling anything. Harrison also mentioned how Zima doesn’t want to know any bachelor spoilers. Harrison confessed that he never gets mad if people talk about the show. Speaking to the 300-some audience members in attendance at the “Women Tell All” taping, Harrison said so much of the show is public now that it’s easy to find all kinds of information online.

Chris Harrison
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Even though the information is so easily accessible today through the internet, Harrison wishes people would stop spreading rumors about what they think might happen on the show. He revealed that certain “people live their life to try and spoil other people’s work,” referring to gossip sites. He chose not to name specific publications. “I guess information makes people feel powerful and it makes them feel like they have worth,” Harrison noted regarding the sites that try to spoil the show.

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber
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After listening to Harrison’s interview, Steve Carbone, creator of the gossip site Reality Steve, tweeted “Bc I spoil your show I have no self worth? Good Lord he’s misguided. In the words of Taylor Swift, ‘You need to calm down.'” Harrison never outwardly called Reality Steve’s site out, but it was evident that he did mean sites like Reality Steve that publish spoiler content. Harrison said it best: “Either way there’s going to be a conclusion, good, bad, or ugly.” Soon, Bachelor Nation will find out how Weber’s story will end.

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