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Vanessa Bryant Demands Investigation Into Officials Who Shared Posthumous Pictures of Kobe Bryant

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian
By Mario Perez

It has been a little more than a month since Kobe Bryant and his daughter where involved in a helicopter crash. Yet, it seems that every day there is new information on the matter. Today through her social media Vanessa Bryant Kobe's widow published a statement that was crafted by her lawyer indicating that the family wants answers about the police deputies who allegedly shared pictures of Kobe Bryant's body at the scene of the crash through their personal phones.

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Designating A No-Fly Zone

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Ever since the tragedy, Vanessa Bryant has really been widely involved in making sure that there were no graphic photos leaked or a full-on news scene at the crash site. In the letter, it says that she herself went down to the sheriff's office and requested that the area be designated a no-fly zone. So that there wouldn't be news choppers circulating the area trying to get a glimpse of the crash site. Little did she know that the problem was going to come from the people on the ground.

What Allegedly Took Place

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There have been multiple reports for days about certain pictures of Kobe after his death circulating around the internet. Yet, it can be said that for the most part news sites and organizations have actually respected the privacy and the even human dignity if you will, of Bryant himself. By not publishing any of the pictures that have been reportedly circulating over the web.

It has been said that these pictures where taken by a police officer at the crash site. He sent them out to a woman that he was trying to impress.

Why Is There A Contact Number?

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian

If you look at the bottom of the Instagram post, Vanessa Bryant's legal team actually offered ways that the general public can contact them if they happen to have more information about these pictures.

It seems that the legal team is looking to build up more evidence on whoever may be responsible for sending out these pictures before they present any formal legal document against this police deputy who seems to be the one that is being held responsible for taking and distributing the pictures.

An Overall Postive Response

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Without a doubt, Mrs. Bryant has all the right to try and bring people that wronged her to justice. Although this is certainly a negative note, it has to be said that people have mostly remained respectful in the aftermath of the tragedy. There have been far more signs of admiration and of grief than of negative comments about Kobe and the tragedy in general.

This could be precisely the reason why these pictures are not exactly all over the web as some people had probably feared.

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