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Kaley Cuoco at an event

Kaley Cuoco Stuns In Floral Nightgown For Special 'Cup Of Cuoco' With Sister Bri

Gettyimages | Frederick M. Brown
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco's impromptu morning Instagram series is back. "A Cup Of Cuoco" kicked off a few months ago as the 34-year-old actress made documenting her sleep and random musings a regular affair – Kaley doesn't announce when her series will land on her social media, instead opting for a spontaneous feel.

Kaley's Sunday morning episode was a special one. It featured sister Briana, with the two in New York City as Kaley continues to shoot for her upcoming TV show "The Flight Attendant."

One Blonde And One Brunette

Kaley and Bri Cuoco enjoy coffee
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

The video showed Kaley and Bri enjoying their first coffee of the day. Over on the right, Kaley was seen in a floral print top (later confirmed to be a nightgown), with her long blonde hair worn down. Bri was sat on the left in a simple black sweatshirt – the 31-year-old actress wore her dark hair up in a simple top knot. Both siblings had a coffee in-hand.

"Happy Sunday," Kaley began, adding:

"I have a special guest this morning on a brand new episode of 'A Cup Of Cuoco'... my sister, Bri Cuoco!"

'So I Don't Normally Have Guests...', Says Coffee Is 'Vodka'

Kaley and Bri Cuoco pose for a photo
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley then stated that she doesn't "normally" have guests on her series – this came shortly after Bri confirmed being mad at Kaley and husband Karl Cook's Christmas episode (that didn't include her).

Bri announced that she was drinking a café au lait – "instead of a latte," Bri outlined.

"This is vodka," Kaley then said – total dead-pan face, although she did eventually admit to joking. Also discussed was how Bri had taken Kaley to a boxing class on Saturday to switch up her sister's workouts, with Kaley confessing that she could barely lift her arm as a result.

Bri Is Also An Actress, Will Feature On 'The Flight Attendant'

Bri Cuoco poses for a photo
Bri Cuoco/Instagram

Talk didn't center too much on Kaley's upcoming TV show, although Bri did confirm that she will feature on it – her IMDB backs it up. The two also talked general housekeeping, with Kaley straight-up saying that she's never made her bed. There was no talk of laziness, though, as Bri told fans that Kaley has been "working her *ss" off shooting for "The Flight Attendant."

That, in itself, has been evident as Kaley pulled late-night shifts recently – they're called "splits," and that's not, as Kaley told fans "a yoga pose." Also mentioned was Kaley voicing "Harley Quinn" and her not yet having ridden the New York Subway.

Fans Want To Know If It's A 'Double Shot Of Cuoco'

Kaley Cuoco enjoys coffee
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley's video has been racking up views. Over 286,000 were clocked in just two hours, with the comments section to the star's post also filling up.

"Gosh, are you twins?" one fan asked.

"Two cups of Cuoco are better than one!" another added.

"Harley and Batgirl" was another comment, with one fan writing: "Awesome that the sisters are together!"

Bri recently featured on Kaley's Instagram as the two posed for a silly sister snap outside The Carlyle. Bri was also seen giving an outline of Kaley's preteen dance recital injury over on her Instagram.

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