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Billie Eilish holding her recent grammys.

Billie Eilish is Living the Dream

Gettyimages | Rachel Luna
By Robert Safir

Billie Eilish has been riding a rocket ship to stardom and there's no indication the this will slow down anytime soon. As that well known song by Paul Williams goes, "We've only just begun." After five grammy's, what would be next? What? Writing a song for the new James Bond film??? Dude!

Imagine it. You're just a teenager. You like to mess around with the guitar - or a piano - and make up melodies in your head as the sun starts to set. You're comfortable because you're at home. That's right - everything you need to write, record, and produce a song is right at your fingertips.

Hook Your Brain Up to a USB Cable

Human brain with wires coming out
Gettyimages | Jonathan Kitchen

The recording industry has changed - inside and out. On the inside, the days of depending on an expensive recording studio with high rates and stale coffee, are gone. The days of needing a name producer to get you in the door at a major record company - gone. Musicians and songwriters used to joke about connecting a serial cable (okay, now it's a USB cable) to your brain, allowing you to let a finished song come out the other end. Well boys and girls, we're not very far off from that day now.

Infectious Virus

Gold record
Gettyimages | Dimitris Meletis

There's no way any artist could realistically believe in a dream of a far-off day where hit songs and gold records are the norm for your everyday life. And accomplish this in a matter of a few years. They'd have to pinch themselves to make sure they're awake - or asleep - or alive.

Yet this talented girl (now we must call her a woman) comes from out of nowhere and blows everybody away with her highly original songs, sultry voice, and inviting looks (She doesn't like it when you focus on her looks, even if you think she's beautiful - which she is.) Once you start listening to her tracks, it's hard to stop. The music is infectious, so naturally, it goes viral.

What's Next? Are You Going to Write the Theme Song to a 007 movie?

Daniel Craig
Gettyimages | VCG

A song for a James Bond movie? You betcha! Billie's song, "No Time To Die", racked up 90,000 in chart sales in its first week (including 10.6 million streams). She is the youngest artist ever to record a track for the Bond franchise. It's now the Bond song with the biggest opening week - ever.

Billie Eilish sings in an intimate, haunting style that is all her own. (If anyone ever tried to imitate it, it would be an obvious rip-off.) The lyrics tease themes that revolve around the film's plot.

Was I stupid to love you?

Was I reckless to help?

Was it obvious to everybody else

You were never on my side

Fool me once, fool me twice

Are you death or paradise?

Now you'll never see me cry

There's just no time to die

That I'd fallen for a lie?

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. Written by: Billie Eilish O'Connell, Finneas O'Connell

Okay. Just Guessing - there must be some story of deception, somewhere in this film. That I'd fallen for a lie?

Now I Suppose You'll Want to Play The Theme Live with Hans Zimmer

Billie Eilish
Gettyimages | Mike Marsland

She performed the new song alongside an orchestra with composer Han Zimmer conducting and playing keyboards at the recent Brit Awards. It sounded awesome, and just the sight of this new rising star on stage with the best known, super talented composer of a zillion scores for motion pictures - well, it was like a dream.

And according to Billie, that's what's happening right now.

She recently said, "I am literally living the exact life that I would have a dream about, that would be like the best dream you could possibly think of."

Well Billie Eilish, you dreamed it - and now you're living the dream.

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