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Activist At Heart Bad Bunny Stands Up For Trans Rights And #HerNameWasAlexa

Gettyimages | NBC
By Desmund Ullrich

Bad Bunny is no stranger to activism and since his very sudden rise to the top as a trailblazer of Latin trap he’s been speaking out for every injustice that connects with his heritage and Puerto Rico.

Beginning this past July he joined Ricky Martin, along with other Latin stars to call for the resignation of Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló as more and more information began to surface about his corruption scandal.

His actions in leading the people resulted in the removal of the Governor later that month.

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Most recently, he performed alongside stars Sharika and Jennifer Lopez in their epic 12 minute Super Bowl halftime show at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. Aside from the 20 songs performed between the three, the performance included many affirmations of pride for American born Latinx.

This again put Bad Bunny at the forefront of leading change in our country’s ongoing battle with immigration reform and the treatment of detained illegal immigrants. Hopefully, these efforts will yield the same positive results as they did in Puerto Rico.

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His newest effort comes at a much needed time, as it seems everyone in the Hip Hop community is leaning away from the trans gender people and their rights. This is apparent with the recent response to Zaya Wade, the 12-year-old transgender daughter of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. She was immediately under rapid-fire social media attacks after her father revealed her true identity on ELLEN and then again in a heartwarming interview on Good Morning America.

While the Hip Hop ranks are full of people who had to overcome their own adversity, rappers 50 Cent, Boosie BadAzz, and Young Thug were among the ones making the biggest show of denying their support.

With Bad Bunny, it’s refreshing to see that someone in the genre has some empathy and compassion for the trans struggle.

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The community is in awe over Bad Bunny, who inserted himself as an ally, by calling attention to the recent murder of a transgender woman during a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This was all done while performing his new single ‘Ignorantes’ with Sech - showing that the performance was carefully thought out.

During his appearance on Fallon on February 27, Bad Bunny wore a white T-shirt featuring the words “Mataron a Alexa. NO A UN HOMBRE CON FALDA”. For our Spanish challenged peeps, this translates to “They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt”.

This shirt calls out the ignorance of some news outlets in Puerto Rico who published headlines referring to Alexa as “a man in a skirt”. These headlines set social media ablaze and prompted the #HerNameWasAlexa trend.

Gettyimages | Joe Raedle

It is a powerful moment for trans rights, however for Alexa the story did not end so well. Earlier this week a mobile phone video was posted online showing the woman moments before her death in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico as two men ridiculed her from a car. Threats are heard throughout the video from the men with the video ending in the sound of alleged gunfire.

While Bad Bunny sets a perfect example on how to respond to tragedies of this type, other celebrities must understand that words of hate and ignorance beget violence that ends lives. Prayers are out for the family and friends of Alexa across the LGBTQIA community.

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