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cody brown and his sister wives

Fans Shocked at Kody Brown Saying Robyn Brown Gets 'Table Scraps'

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By Tia Kitchens

The tea is hot and it is boiling over.

Fans are shocked at Kody Brown for a comment he made in the season promo sneak peek. We can't say we are shocked that they are. We are too. Mostly when we know that Kody and his first wife Meri have been at odds for a while now. There is clearly some unresolved tension there and it is boiling over to his other wives. It would seem that Kody doesn't have a great handle on the situation either.

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The sisters wives at Mama mia
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During the episode to air on March first, there is a huge argument that will blow up. This episode seems like we are going to get a good look into just everything that has been going on in the Brown's life.

Just it is Kody's comments to his fourth wife, Robyn that have people talking. As the fourth wife has often been seen as the favorite among the four of them. Though Cody has never said that or denied it to be true.

Kody and his sister wives
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This all seems to all come out of Meri changing her mind on where she wants her house to be in the family's new location on Coyote Pass, Arizona. Which just trickled through the sister wives. Which in turn caused a fight between Kody and his fourth wife.

“I was already giving you everybody else’s table scraps, Robyn,” Kody tells his fourth wife. “Do you think that’s fair? I don’t.”

Which might have gone over if he hadn't been yelling. But the table scraps comment is where fans are having issues seeing what he means by that.

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Robyn isn't getting anyone's table scraps. Kody and Robyn just bought a home for nearly a million dollars. This makes her home the priciest there is.

One fan took to Twitter to talk directly to Kody. “We already know you bought #Robyn a new home so she’s not getting anyone’s table scraps,” the Twitter user wrote to Kody, “and her attitude about a double wide not being good enough for her tells the whole story no matter what you pay lip service to on the show!”

Kody and his sister wives
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It isn't just that. We saw Meri divorce her husband of two decades so he could marry Robyn and adopt her children. Many people would argue that Meri had sacrificed enough for the family already. There is no way that Robyn is just getting the table scraps of this.

A fan even posted that they weren't sure Robyn has ever gotten the table scraps from the other wives. She is being treated better and she's the only one legally married to Kody now.

Come on Kody, are you sure you know what you are talking about here?

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