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Nev Schulman

How Many Kids Does 'Catfish's Nev Schulman Have?

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By Nicholas Vrchoticky

You'll probably recognize Nev Schulman as one of the hosts from MTV's reality show Catfish, where he works to bring the lies from online to onscreen and help people stop looking for love in fabricated identities. Schulman had a run-in himself with a "catfish", sparking the show's existence, but he's doing alright these days (in love anyway) with his wife Laura Perlongo.

The couple has been married for a couple of years now, growing a family, and collaborating on projects like the Facebook series We Need to Talk. But do they collaborate when it comes to parenting? Read on to find out.

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Nev and Perlongo

Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo
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You think Sculman wouldn't have tried to find his love online, given what he's seen in the show he hosts, but that's where he met his wife in 2015. He hadn't been out of his previous relationship very long at that point and wasn't sure he wanted to commit.

He told US Weekly:

"I just got out of a thing, and I had been damaged by that, and I felt that maybe I was all messed up, and I wasn't ready. I screwed it up and then I had to win her back."

Perlongo responded, saying:

"I don't think I officially took him back until we got pregnant."

family life

Nev Schulman
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On to the kids... Schulman and Perlongo's first baby was born in October 2016. The couple ended up getting married in July 2017, and their daughter, Cloe, was part of the wedding.

Nev described himself as being "the luckiest guy in the world" the day of his wedding, which I'm sure is how most people feel on their wedding day... Hopefully.

Being content (and finally committed), the couple went on to have another child in January 2019. This time it was a boy named Beau.

Nev's not the patient one

Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo
Gettyimages | Jason Mendez

Schulman openly admits that Perlongo is better than he is at dealing with all the frustration that comes with being a parent. He may get annoyed when his son smears food all over his clothes, but Perlongo balances it out by letting those sorts of things roll right off her.

Laura admits she finds humor in those types of moments, saying to US Weekly:

"Hey, it’s funny. Don’t get annoyed, just laugh. Who cares?”

He may get frustrated but, with the stories he tells US Weekly, he's quite the supportive father.

The couple is in agreement about their family

Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo
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It's a good thing the couple agrees on how many kids they want to have since disagreements like those can cause complications. The agreement comes from their experiences as siblings — he had one, she had two. And, according to Perlongo in an interview with InTouch, a third baby isn't off the table. Perlongo admits:

"I feel like it would be too sad to say no more babies. I don’t think I am ready for baby No. 3 just yet. I am definitely saving all of the clothes."

Nev says they've "talked about it." We'll just have to wait and see.

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