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Sofia Richie and Nicole Richie

Do Sofia Richie and Her Sister Nicole Richie Still Have a Close Relationship?

Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz
By Clarissa Wilson

Everyone knows who Scott Disick is because of his marriage to Kourtney Kardashian. Everyone also knows who Sofia Richie is because not only is she a famous model but she also has a famous dad, singer and American Idol judge Lionel Richie.

We all know who Nicole Richie is too. She is the older sister of Sofia Richie and appeared on the show, The Simple Life with her former best friend, Paris Hilton.

Sofia Richie is now dating and has been for a few years now, Scott Disick.

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Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
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Scott Disick and Sofia Richie's relationship seems to be getting stronger and the couple seems to be getting closer the more time they spend together. Sofia Richie is 15-years younger than Disick but that doesn't stop them from being together and getting closer as they continue with their relationship.

Kourtney Kardashian didn't approve of their relationship at first because of the age difference between the couple. However, Kardashian started seeing how happy Richie made Disick so she decided to get along with Richie and try to accept her more.

Sofia Richie
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However, recent reports have revealed that the two women are not getting along like they once were. Kardashian did try though and even went on family vacations with the couple and hers and Disick's three children.

As for anyone in Richie's family approving of her relationship with Disick, it isn't happening. Lionel Richie, Sofia's father told E! News that although he didn't accept the relationship between the couple at first because of their age difference, he now 'accepts' it. However, he is still not 100 percent on board with his young daughter dating someone 15-years older than her.

Nicole Richie
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Sofia's sister, Nicole does not approve of her sister's relationship with Disick. At first, she didn't think anything of it because she didn't think they would last that long. However, now that the couple seems to be getting closer in their relationship, Nicole is not happy about the two being together at all. Because of this, the once-close relationship that the sisters had, is now strained because Nicole not approving of her sister and Disick dating.

A report by Hollywood Life reveals that Nicole is also worried that Sofia is getting too serious with Disick at such a young age.

Nicole Richie and Sofia Richie
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Although she knows how mature Sofia is and how well she can handle herself as an adult, she is still worried about her little sister.

In fact, a source close to Nicole Richie said, "Nicole knows how mature Sofia is and that she can handle herself like an adult, but at the same time she’s also her baby sister and sees her as so young with a bright future ahead of her. She should be focused on her career and herself — not on a relationship with a man that already has three kids.”

Nicole Richie and Sofia Richie
Gettyimages | Jeff Vespa

Because of Nicole worrying so much about her little sister, this is now putting a strain on the close relationship they once had.

The source commented, "Nicole and Sofia’s relationship has definitely become strained as Sofia’s relationship with Scott has grown more serious. Nicole was concerned when Scott and Sofia first started dating, but she didn’t really think they would last or become as serious as they have.”

Are Scott Disick and Nicole Richie friends at all? No, it doesn't appear that they are. When looking at all three of their social media pages, there is nothing posted by any of the three showing them hanging out together. Nicole posts stuff about her parents and herself and other things in her life and Sofia posts about her life, her parents, and hers and Disick's relationship. Disick posts different things about his kids, his life, and his relationship with Sofia.

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