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Recap of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s Relationship And What The Comedian Says About It

By Nora Pattugalan

Celebrity relationships are all over the news, whether good or bad. In 2018, it was announced that comedian Pete Davidson and singer Ariana Grande began dating. Long before that, everyone knew the singer as the red-headed Cat Valentine from ‘Victorious’ and Davidson is on ‘SNL’. Together, they were known as a couple who moved together so quickly and split so soon. With relationship news such as this, a part by part breakdown is needed. Especially since Pete Davidson called out Ariana in his Netflix special.

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In the beginning, Ariana Grande’s career started out in 2012. She was acquainted with American rapper Mac Miller for their duet “The Way” (2013). By 2016, it was publicly announced that Grande and Miller were dating. Throughout their relationship, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have shown nothing but love for each other regardless of Miller’s substance abuse. Within the five to six years of knowing Mac Miller, Ariana also met Pete Davidson. The unusual pairing of Ariana and Pete began leaving theories about the future of their relationship.


Although Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson met in 2014, their communication resumed in 2016. Grande has appeared as a musical guest on ‘SNL’, allowing the communication between her and Pete. For them, it was nothing but a casual friendship. While in their own relationships, the two grew closer. They were seen together more frequently. By the start of 2018, Ariana Grande publicly announced her breakup with Mac Miller and Pete Davidson parted ways with his then girlfriend Cazzie David, the daughter of Larry David.


For the rest of the year, Pete and Ariana were seen together out in public presumably smitten. The two moved closer and closer leading up to a first home, tattoos, an engagement, a new song, and a pet pig. Everything went well for the pair aside from remarks from opposing fans. Through time, the love faded and things changed rather quickly. In the end, Ariana and Pete called it quits. They called off the engagement which opened several more thoughts from fans and haters.


Despite the pleas and care from Ariana Grande, the rapper fell through. Mac Miller passed away from an accidental drug overdose in September 2018 leaving fans and Ariana Grande completely devastated. Fast forward to 2020, speculations about Mac Miller’s death and Ariana’s relationships with both Pete and Mac go around until today. In a recent Netflix special, Pete Davidson opened up about his former partner. Because they were no longer together, Pete thought it would be a good time to speak about his ex, however not in a way people would think.

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