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'The Bachelor': Did Madison Prewett Completely Change Peter Weber's Life?

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Megan Prevost

With Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor finally reaching its conclusion, we're all left trying to figure out exactly how the ending is going to go down.

Chris Harrison has said that Weber's season is unlike any other ending we've seen so far. He even called it "gut-wrenching." With more news about the ending every day, we're all curious as to what actually happens.

After the trainwreck that was Fantasy Suites, Madison Prewett walked out, leaving many fans guessing whether or not she'll return.

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Fantasy Suites and Madison's Departure

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Just before Fantasy Suites week started, Madison was starting to feel uncomfortable at the thought of Weber sleeping with any of the other girls. Madison is saving herself for marriage, and her values are really important to her.

After Victoria and Hannah Ann both had their overnights, it was clear that Peter had been intimate with the two of them. With all three girls sharing a hotel room, Madison could tell what was was going on. The other girls weren't supportive of the ultimatum she gave Peter, which made things all the more tense.

Madison's Ultimatum

Giphy | The Bachelor

After Hometowns, Madison pulled Peter aside to talk to him about her expectations for their relationship. Basically, she told him that she wouldn't feel comfortable with him sleeping with any of the other girls.

This put Weber in a tough spot, but apparently Chris Harrison has other thoughts. Harrison believes that what Madison did "may have changed the entire direction of Peter's life."

Harrison even spoke about it on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. He said that, "We thought 'Hey, she's going to come clean. She's going to tell him that she's a virgin.'"

The Word 'Virgin'

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If you hadn't noticed, Madison cleverly avoids the word 'virgin' at all costs throughout the season and prefers to say that she's "saving herself for marriage."

During her ultimatum with Peter, she danced around the word, almost saying it, but never being quite clear. Harrison says that, "She only gave him enough information to fail."

While she wasn't quite honest with Peter about herself and her values, Peter wasn't open with her either. Peter was likely planning to sleep with the other two girls, yet doesn't come clean to Madison about that fact.

Madison "Changed Peter Weber's Entire Life"

Giphy | The Bachelor

On the Almost Famous Podcast Harrison said,

"Her failure was she really never came clean and she really never gave herself to [Weber] in that way emotionally where he needed to know the truth and to hear all this and that may have changed the entire direction of [Weber’s] life."

So what can we expect from the rest of the season? Madison left, cutting her Fantasy Suite date in half, and disappeared somewhere in Australia. We don't know what's to come, but we doubt she's really gone.

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