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Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo Unknowingly Inspires Body Positivity Challenge

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Jennifer Passmore

On February 16, Jennifer Lopez posted a selfie of her in a little white bikini. The caption of the post read, "Relaxed and recharged." Little did she know that when she posted that bikini picture, she would kick off an internet challenge that has gone viral around the world. Maria Kang of No Excuse Mom, a free fitness community for women decided to post a bikini selfie of her own, and she had a lot to say about owning your story.

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Maria Kang

Jennifer Lopez
Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

Kang, a mom of three and owner of "Fitness Without Borders" took to Instagram to post her own selfie in a little white bikini. Inspirational and positive, her caption read, "This is (almost) 40!⁣ ⁣ Thank you @jlo for inspiring this spontaneous pic in a white bikini this morning. Yes, my mirror is freckled with toothpaste (does your children only use your sink too?!), yes there are unpacked luggage on the ground, an iron, dog dryer and husband shaving somewhere in the background - but I"m getting it done! "

Kang Continued

Jennifer Lopez
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Kang continued, "Not a celebrity. Not getting millions to look great in a movie (hello, Hustlers! 🙂 Or dating a hot athlete (although my hubby is kinda cute!) BUT, it doesn't matter... ⁣ ⁣ Own your story. Create your own accountability. Don't make excuses for your inaction. If she can do it, if I can do it, if thousands of working moms who come in all sizes, shapes and ages can do it - then YOU CAN DO IT!!!⁣ Post your #bathroomselfie and tag 3 friends who can bring it like" She also added the hashtags, "#jlo ⁣ #jlochallenge #noexcusemom #whatsyourexcuse"

It Inspired Women Everywhere

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez
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Kang's post on Instagram inspired moms everywhere, and they began posting their own selfies. Kang shared a snapshot of an article about the movement. She said, "If you have excuses you’ve overcome or striving to overcome today, the world needs to see you. ⁣ ⁣ They need to see the every day moms, the caregivers, the full time employees, the genetically-challenged, the older, younger, larger, smaller - they need to see ALL OF YOU so we can normalize what healthy, persistence and determination looks like for the person who doesn’t have as much resources as #jlo but are still striving despite the excuses.⁣"

J Lo Got Wind Of The Challenge

Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez herself got wind of the challenge going on, and even took to her Instagram to post about it. She even had posted in a story with the words, "Keep growing, keep pushing." Women all around the world began taking to Instagram to post their own selfies. Adela Carnaghi from Arizona posted a photo of herself flexing, saying, "I am 36 year old mom of 10 and a grandmother of 1 ... Excuses, yes, I have lots and yet I don't let them take control of my life," she wrote. "I make the decision to workout and be positive every single day, it's my way of life ... I would love to see your journey on how you crush your excuses."

Hashtag Inspired

Jennifer Lopez
Gettyimages | Amy Sussman/SHJ2019

Another mom from Texas, @uvaldetxnoexcusemom posted a photo in a white bikini with the caption reading, "Let’s proudly share our bathroom selfies in workout clothes/swimsuits with the world! If Jennifer Lopez can do it, we can do it! Regardless of age, size or shape, we CAN be healthy! This is 32, a body that created 3 wonderful kids, that has gone through 1 c-section, appendicitis & emergency lacerated intestine from a horrible car accident. Exercise and being active has saved my life."

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