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The Timeline of Matt Barnes & Anansa Sims' Difficult Split

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By Amina Taylor-Joy

After marriage with Gloria Govan got, divorced fans were still eager to see Matt Barnes settling down. Barnes and Anansa Sims’ met shortly after his relationship with Govan but ended with a messy break u. Barnes is no stranger to messy breakups as he shared a similar fate with Govan. Gloria Govan, former Basket Ball Wives star and Barnes, had a volatile public relationship that spilled out into the public for years. Barnes and Govan met when she was just twelve years old.

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Barnes and Govan later reconnected while Govan was living in Oakland, CA and Barnes were playing for the Golden State Warriors. The couple immediately fell hard for each other and got engaged in 2008 the same year they had their twin boys. In 2010, Matt Barnes switched from the Golden State Warriors to the Los Angeles Lakers. That same year he was arrested due to domestic violence suspicions with Govan. In 2010, Barnes and Govan also had a wedding date scheduled for August 21 of that year.

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Two weeks before the date, the couple called the wedding off. Govan joined popular reality show Basket Ball Wives. In August of 2013, the couple seemingly resolved their issues and had an intimate wedding in Santa Barbara, CA. Although the fairytale didn’t last. Over a year later, the couple announced their breakup. During the separation in 2015, it is reported that Barnes twins told their father that coach to the Knicks, Derrick Fisher, was currently spending time with Govan. Barnes showed up and sparked a fight with Fisher. The dispute was eventually resolved, and the divorce finalized.

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In April of 2018, Govan and Fisher got engaged. With the finalization of the divorce with his ex-wife, Barnes reconnected with an old friend of his, Anansa Sims. Sims and Barnes knew each other since Barnes’ attendance at UCLA. Sims is also the mother of Beverly Johnson. In August 2018, TMZ released the news that Barnes and Sims were expecting a child together. A few months after this, Barnes and Govan publically had a spat, which left them at odds again. Several months after, it appeared that Sims and Barnes were then at odds.

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Cheating rumors then prompted break up rumors. The parents then fired at each other over Instagram. Barnes posted a vague Instagram post saying that he hoped he would be “allowed” to see his son soon. This led fans to assume that Barnes was being kept away from his son by Sims. Sims took to Instagram, saying that he’s able to see his sons, and she just wanted an order of protection to keep herself safe from Barnes. Throughout the back and forth, Barnes was posting videos with his son. Barnes ended the public dispute in a lengthy message ending with, “This post is not meant to be petty or vindictive. It’s not fun fighting for your kids, especially under the public’s eye. With my 40th birthday a couple of weeks away. I’m happier than I’ve ever been to. I need to clarify what I now face. I know yall are tired of hearing about it. I pray that I can handle the rest in private”

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