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Bhad Bhabie vs. Skai Jackson: Who You Got?

News hit that two of some of the biggest stars of our crazy society have been pitted against each other, and the outcome is death threats and restraining orders. Who are these titans of the celebrity industry and quite frankly the planet Earth? Bhad Bhabie and Skai Jackson. I didn't really see how these two could become friends anyways, but their split is airing out for all the world to see. We can't say we don't love beef like this, and I think Bhad Bhabie knows this, it's how she's made her career. More on that Later.

What Happened

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The the crux of this whole debacle is, unsurprisingly, rather juvenile. But I think that's why we eat it up so much, it takes us back to middle school. It's good to submerse yourself into schoolyard beefs in small doses, it's a guilty pleasure that we all share. So, apparently Skai had liked photos on Instagram that were negative towards Bhad Bhabie. Bhad Bhabie found out, and proceeded to go live on the app saying she was gonna kill Jackson.

Parent Side-Beef?

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No, this isn't a principal's detention report, this is a real conflict between millionaire celebrities who are quite frankly too old for this nonsense (16 and 17). Skai Jackson saw the live stream and was so afraid that she lost sleep and refused to go outside. This started an interesting side beef between their MOTHERS! Yes people, the adults have taken to Instagram and did some hashing for all us to see, an eternal transcript that will be looked upon by future civilizations.

How Did These People Even Get Famous In The First place?

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Skai Jackson is actually a talented young actress who found fame as a child on various Disney shows, she made her run for the channel and has just recently grown out of it. She is very productive and actively takes on many projects to overall success. Bhad Bhabie on the other hand has and likely always will be a hot mess that envelopes all the drama that surrounds her. You may know her better as Danielle Bregoli, the 13 year old (at the time) who was a loose cannon who her mother couldn't control, so they decided it would be the best option to go on Dr. Phil so the world can laugh at them. Bregoli uttered the famous line to some audience member, "Cash me outside how bout dat" and the rest is history.

Ding Ding


I would like to safely say that the conflict is over and done, I'm sure Skai Jackson would very much like to get on with her life. But for Bhad Bhabie, this is her life. Sure, she's technically a rapper, but everyone kind of meets everything she does with the same attitude: entertainment, at Bhad Bhabie's expense. If only she would catch on to this, maybe she would clear her act up a little bit. Or maybe she does know this, and she's riding it to the max until the public finally loses interest or something actually serious happens, like Bhabie's mouth coming back to bite her.

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