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Is Jughead Really Dead? 'Riverdale' Fans Are Stretching to Keep Cole Sprouse

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By Desmund Ullrich

Cole Sprouse reached a new height of fame after being cast as Jughead Jones on ‘Riverdale’. Cole was the previous child star of ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’, a Disney show in which he shared the screen with his twin brother Dylan, but instantly became a fan favorite in the show loosely based on the 80-year standing Archie comic series.

The tv series, which began in 2017, was originally created as a feature film but was adapted into the television series and is now a Comic-Con favorite.

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It has been reported that each of the four leads, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, and Camila Mendes, earn about the same amount per episode. This may make it seem like Sprouse’s role is disposable but fans are spiraling over the thought that Jughead might be gone for good. Who can blame them? Is Archie really ‘Archie’ without his mate Jughead?

If we are basing it off of the original series, Jughead was murdered by Betty Cooper. However, Riverdale has given us a completely different plot but its full of holes.


The show has been teasing Jughead’s death for a few months, but in the latest, the gang was shown mourning his loss. But, fans are convinced that he is still alive and well. Though this may be a delusion, there has been speculation that he’s narrating his new Baxter Brothers novel and that these episodes are a mind-bending pseudo-reality.

This is not a far stretch as the series has sent fans through many pump fakes and plot twists. Riverdale has also been dropping clues and flash-forwards of the death for quite some time.

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It has been mentioned by Jughead that his dream is to write for Baxter Brothers books, like his grandfather, and that Stonewall prep is his next career climb. But, why?

Simply, many writers for Baxter Brother books hale from Stonewall. Then, of course, it is also important to note the hints about the publisher, which holds a contest for students attending Stonewall. The contest entails asking them to write three chapters of a book with the theme, “a perfect murder”.

Could the show or some part of it simply be Jughead's contest entry?

Wikimedia | Cole Sprouse

Also, Riverdale is always narrated by Jughead and why would he be narrating his own death? Though we have seen this done for years in various shows and films, fans are convinced that it just doesn’t make sense.

We have to admit that things are a bit disconnected this season. So whether Jughead is dead or not, it’s safe to say we’re all being played, but that’s our hook on the show. We can only anticipate what more is to come.

The show is currently in its fourth season and was renewed for its fifth season this past January.

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