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Melissa Alcantara

3 Tips From Kim Kardashian's Trainer to Help You Get in Shape at Home

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By Nic Morales

The 39 year-old celebrity, Kim Kardashian, keeps her body in shape, all thanks to her trainer, Melissa Alcantara. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Alcantara gives the deets on how anyone can practice certain techniques at home to get fit.

Firstly, Alcantara gushed about the experience working with Kardashian. The trainer said, “Kim and I share a special bond, we constantly motivate each other to train harder and see the world with fresh eyes. Kim is more than just my client-athlete, she’s a mentor.”

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What Does Kim Do For Training?

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“It changes depending on current physique and performance goals, but in general we’re looking for strength gains over time and a 100% sustainable approach to living a fit and active lifestyle. But you bet we’re always doing squats, deadlifts, and thrusts for good measure and leg day gains.” Alcantara tells the publication.

And about what Kim loves to do, she said, “She loves anything that has to do with jumping, and she’ll crush a bunch of walking lunges like it’s just regular walking.”

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After promoting her new app for people to use at home, Alcantara goes into the details with the online magazine about what anyone can do at home to get in shape.

“‘Ideal’ really depends on factors like your particular goals, age, lifestyle, time, etc. That being said, if you make working out 3-4 times per week and eating a nutrition-based diet a habit, then you’re on the fast track to getting in shape and staying in shape. The fastest way to get in shape is staying in shape.”

How to Stay in Shape

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“You don’t have to do a particular exercise or program, but you do have to be active. If you have specific goals, find a program that supports them and allow yourself to follow through to the end before you say something doesn’t work for you."

She continued, "Finally, whatever you decide to do in order to get in shape, if you can’t keep training and eating according to that program for at least 3-6 months then this approach is not sustainable. You want to be able to sustain your approach to really get the benefits from living that healthy lifestyle and being strong af.”

Kim Kardashian
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“1. Drink water. How much? More than you think you need. 2. Cook for yourself. By cooking for yourself, and your family, you can gain tremendous control over your nutrition and maximize the work you put in the gym. 3. Take time for yourself."

Alcantara closes with, "A big part of being healthy is being mentally healthy. Spend time with yourself and learn to enjoy your own company so that you can enjoy the company of others having a strong sense of boundaries and respect.”

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