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Courteney cox on talk show

'Friends' Alum Courteney Cox to Star in New Starz Horror-Comedy 'Shining Vale'

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By Z Staehling

Courteney Cox, or as we best know her, Monica from the most watched sit com of all time, "Friends", has signed on with Starz to star in a new horror-comedy show titled, "Shining Vale". We haven't seen much of Cox since "Cougar Town" went off the air. Now, the same year as the Friends reunion, she's back in the spotlight and taking consistent roles. We might begin to see this trend with other cast members from the famous 90's sitcom.

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'Shining Vale'

Courtney cox at premier
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Not much has been released about the new show except the plot. There's no footage, set pics, or even a poster. As far as the plot goes, Cox plays Pat, an aging writer who once wrote a pretty risque feminist novel in her youth. Pat now lives in a creepy suburban house with her family, feeling the need to escape from the city after a affair she had with a younger man. The show kicks in here, where pat is working on her next novel, and falling to the demise of possession which haunts the house.

Friend's Recent Life

Courtney cox in glasses and striped shirt
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It seems like no one's really heard of the Friends cast doing anything new besides Aniston, who has managed to stay consistently relevant her whole acting career. Cox had a few projects here and there, never really leaving in the television circuit. Lisa Kudrow has also done minimal work, but she has taken her talents to the mostly movie world. Matt Leblanc had done almost nothing until finding success with his TV show "Episodes". Schwimmer and Perry have also just been kinda here and there.


Courtney cox on friends set
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The company hasn't had a hit show in a little bit. Cox and Starz could both use a boost, and it looks like they payoff would be mutually beneficial. It's smart on their part to snatch up and revive a career the same year as a big reunion like this. Everyone is looking to reinvigorate their careers in the show business. Hopefully Shining Vale has what it takes to get people invested in the channel and the star once again.


Courteney cox with firends cast
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It looks like the Friends have shown their faces once again, and some are trying to get back into the public eye, others are content with living off the Friends paychecks and living a relatively quiet and screen-free life. we'll see who's who soon enough, but as for Courteney Cox, she's taking good opportunities and doing well for herself. She has what it takes to be a part of another great show, even if it's not within the sit com genre. I'd imagine she's tired of that, and ready to find new roles in an industry she still finds comfort in.

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