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Did Lana Del Rey Walk, So Billie Eilish Could Run?

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By kenadijiba

O.G. Stans of Lana Del Rey are quick to check this generation's fans for crediting Billie Eilish with popularizing dream pop. Her efforts towards becoming an iconic pioneer for cinematic based music at times does not feel like it's been thoroughly recognized. After her big loss at the Grammys for what many hailed as one of her greatest pieces of art, it is fascinating how Lana maintains the utmost composure in those awkward spaces. The fact that she wore a gown from the mall to the award show in the first place only proves why people adore her with fierceness.

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Taylor Swift Gave Credit To Lana

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard

Taylor Swift who for the longest was regarded as the most dominating force in pop music, even went as far to say Lana made it possible for most women in the industry to craft the hyper detailed songs they do. Lana’s drama most of the time stays contained in her albums, which in turn leaves a more profound as well as mysterious air surrounding her and her life story. Her origins from debuting music under the name Lizzie Grant, which when looking back was a totally different character, only has fans questioning harder what is the inspiration behind certain themes in these gem filled discs.

Depressed To Alive


The journey from depressed, and searching young twenty year old. To the more mature, and joy filled thirty year old is beautiful to see from any musician. Not to mention the fact that Lana could have kept up the act of feeling a certain way just to appease her base, or take a strong gamble and revive her image in a totally opposite way. For those who have never heard a Lana song, go hit up the single “Born To Die” and then make a switch over to “Love”. The hyper contrast from who she was then to who she is now is nothing short of dynamic.

Abels Friendship

Gettyimages | LARS HAGBERG

Similarly to her great friend Abel “The Weeknd '' who she has collaborated with plenty of times, Lana has mastered the ability to birth this sense of intimacy between her and the people who listen to her music. It is as if when you zone out and pop those earphones in to “High At The Beach” or “This Is What Makes Us Girls” you are transported to a another dimension. It is just you and Lana’s melodramatic tone of voice. So, after having such a profound experience fans end up feeling as if they know the ins and outs of who Lana the woman is.

Canceling Tour

Gettyimages | MirageC

Obviously, Lana is a strategic business minded woman. She puts all her emotions into her writing but doesn't bring that into her day to day life. Her ability to make those hard decisions was put into action these last few days when she announced her having to stop her tour. Making a decision like that is never easy for an artist, because nobody wants to let down the people who have supported them so swiftly for almost a decade. But, when it comes down to health there is no compromise.

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