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Mark Wahlberg

This is How Mark Wahlberg Lost 10 Pounds in 5 Days

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By Nicholas Vrchoticky

Mark Wahlberg has shown off his ripped body in movies for years, such as in the comedy Daddy's Home, impressing us all with a toned midsection and blasted guns you wouldn't necessarily expect to see on a 48-year-old. But, getting the kind of body most of us would die for isn't always as easy as you'd think.

With new roles set in the near future, Wahlberg didn't have much of a choice but to make sure his body was screen worthy for his fans to enjoy (and his producers too).

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Uh-oh, someone was slipping

Mark Wahlberg
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Wahlberg is set to play a starring role in Spenser Confidential on Netflix, but he wasn't exactly in the best shape when he got the role. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor formerly known as "Marky Mark" had some things to say about where his fitness had been.

"This is our fifth movie together (referencing the director Peter Berg) but all four movies that we made together I was oddly out of shape and eating what I want and drinking what I wanted."

He's had to change his body a lot

Mark Wahlberg
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In the interview, Wahlberg goes on to talk about how he's had to change his body a lot since certain roles he's played took different body types.

"We did Lone Survivor right after 2 Guns and before that I did Pain and Gain, so I was really heavy and kinda bloated by the time we got to Lone Survivor. And then we did Deepwater Horizon where I was getting as heavy as possible drinking beer and fried food to play a guy who worked on an oil rig. Then we did Patriots' Day where I was limping around, a cop who was kinda out of shape."

How'd he shed the pounds?

Mark Wahlberg
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Coming up on Spencer Confidential meant that Wahlberg had to get back to his fit self, with Berg telling him that he needed the actor "ripped."

So, how'd he do it? Good old fashioned extreme dieting. Wahlberg explained the diet to ET:

"I just did a bone broth and a fast and a cleanse and I literally lost 10 pounds in five days. I lost five percent body fat and I lost 20 points of visceral fat literally in five days. Just bone broth and then steamed vegetables after the first three days and then a little bit of protein at night and that was it."

Owner of a nutrition brand

Mark Wahlberg
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We know that actors slip on their fitness from time to time, but Walberg getting out of shape seems like an oddity for another reason. The actor is the face and one of the founders of Performance Inspired, a nutritional supplement brand.

Wahlberg's face can be seen on advertisements, products, and high-tech display videos in grocery and supplement stores across the country. The image you get isn't one of a body-type-fluctuating actor, but of a fit athlete bent on performance. The fact that Wahlberg can transform his body seemingly on a whim is no unimpressive feat.

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