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Jackson Michie and Holly Allen

'Big Brother 21' Winner Responds to 'False' Accusations

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By A. Elise

If there is anything Big Brother season 8's Dick Donato was known for, it was personally attacking other houseguests. Donato, more commonly known as "Evel Dick," was a prominent villain in the house during his season. Today, Donato has a podcast in which he often discusses his time in the Big Brother house.

On his podcast, Donato has discussed his dislike for recent houseguests from Big Brother 21. The winner of the season, Jackson Michie, apparently rubbed Donato the wrong way.

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Now, Donato is not the only person who has had a lot to say about the Big Brother 21 cast. Michie had a bad rep from the beginning when he entered the house and was forced to immediately banish four people. He banished the oldest contestant, a Latina contestant, and the only two African American contestants of the season. This was not a good look for TV, and Michie was forced to explain his selections later.

Michie also faced allegations of bullying from those watching at home. Michie and the rest of his alliance locked contestant Nicole Anthony out of the Head of Household room and trash talked her while doing it. Again, not a good look for the majority alliance in the home.

Jackson Michie
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The list of offenses committed by the Big Brother 21 cast does not end there. One player, Nick Maccarone, began a relationship with fellow contestant Isabella Wang. He even said that he loved her. As soon as she left the game, she then had to watch him proclaim that he and contestant Kathryn Dunn had sparked up a romance in the Big Brother jury house.

Michie himself also garnered a bad reputation. He was caught cheating in the game, eating food other than slop when doing so was not allowed. Fans of the show were also disturbed by the way he treated and talked about contestant Holly Allen, his girlfriend.

To put it plainly: the contestants on Big Brother 21 were not the most liked in recent years.

Dick Donato
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In reference to all of these traits associated with the Big Brother 21 cast, Donato invited the public to sign up for Big Brother 22, which will likely air this summer. He made several specific references to Michie, essentially calling him a "blockhead" and "a racist." He also referenced an STD.

Michie felt compelled to respond to the allegations that Donato put forth. Michie is not somebody fans of the show know to stay quiet, so the public response was not surprising.

Julie Chen, Big Brother host
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In response to Donato's Twitter post, Michie posted an Instagram story. He captioned it with several counterpoints. In one caption, Michie denied the claim that anybody on Big Brother 21 had an STD. He also made a reference to Donato's own HIV diagnosis, which actually resulted in his departure from the show. Michie's post also called Donato misogynistic and said that supporting Donato is hypocritical.

At this point, Donato has not responded to Michie's Instagram story. It is clear that there is a lot of bad blood between the two.

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