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Watch The Touching Words Kobe Bryant Said About Wife Vanessa In A Resurfaced 2001 Video

Gettyimages | Jed Jacobsohn
By Clark Sparky

When Kobe Bryant was in his early '20s, he already knew that Vanessa was the love of his life and that he wanted to raise children with her. Following the celebration of life for Bryant and his daughter Gianna this week, a video from 2001 has resurfaces in which he talks about how special Vanessa is to him.

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The clip is an interview with MTV News, during which he is asked questions by someone off camera as he talks directly into it.

"You know, it's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes a person the one for you, but you just know," he said when asked what made Vanessa the one. "I mean, love is a funny thing. I can't explain it and I don't understand it. But all I know is she caught my heart and I just knew that she was the one."

"Vanessa, she's very strong. She's very strong-willed," he added.

The two had not yet had any children but he knew he wanted to. "I see us as being two cool ass parents. Young parents, full of energy. She has a ton of energy and I have a ton of energy."

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Vanessa shared her mutual love for Kobe and Gianna during the celebration of life when she delivered a moving eulogy.

"God knew they couldn't be on this earth without each other. He had to bring them home to him together," Vanessa said. "Babe, you take care of our Gigi. And I got Nati, Bibi and Coco. We're still the best team. We love and miss you, Boo Boo and Gigi. May you both rest in peace and have fun in heaven until we meet again one day. We love you both and miss you. Forever and always. Mommy."

"I couldn't see him as a celebrity, nor as an incredible basketball player. He was my sweet husband and the beautiful father of our children. He was mine. He was my everything," Vanessa said of Kobe. "... He would do anything for me. I have no idea how I deserved a man that loved and wanted me more than Kobe. He was charismatic, a gentleman. He was loving, adoring and romantic."

Vanessa also talked about Gianna's aspirations to follow in Kobe's footsteps and become a great pro basketball player someday.

"Gigi likely would have become the best player in the WNBA," Vanessa added. "She would have made a huge difference in women's basketball.

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