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Mackenzie McKee takes a selfie

Bikini-Modeling 'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Shows Off Insane Beach Body

Mackenzie McKee/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Mackenzie McKee is looking fitter than ever. The "Teen Mom OG" star is both a trainer and a fitness model, alongside an occasional bikini one – summer 2019 saw Mackenzie compete in a muscle-flaunting bikini modeling competition.

Despite the December 2019 death of mom Angie Douthit, Mackenzie has continued with her life as best she can – the star's Body By Mac fitness business continues its promos over on Mackenzie's Instagram, with the mom of three also keeping her income up via influencing.

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Usually Indoors, But Hits The Beach

Mackenzie McKee in the gym
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie's fitness videos tend to come from her gym, however the MTV face hit up a Florida beach to deliver her latest promo for Justice Nutrition. Here, Mackenzie was seen in skin-tight tan yoga pants and a cropped black t-shirt bearing the brand's logo, with footage of McKee training a crowd showing off her jaw-dropping body.

"Most of you do my workouts online and now I am traveling with it," Mackenzie said, with the video then chopping between Mackenzie standing on the beach, delivering power squats, and doing indoor cardio.

Discount Code Is Yours, But Fans Ask About Her Blood Sugars

Mackenzie McKee works out on the beach
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie announced that her Body by Mac brand has officially partnered up with Justice Nutrition for "big things," then offering fans a discount code in her caption.

"What supplements do I use ? @justicenutrition all the way. I am so happy to be partnered with the best. Go get you some and use code MACK20 for your discount.," she wrote.

Comments quickly came in. Fans threw Mackenzie the thumbs-up for keeping strong since her mother's death from lung cancer, with one fan even personally welcoming her to Florida.

One fan asked Mackenzie about her Type 1 diabetes: "How do you maintain your blood sugars with workout?" they wrote.

Bikini Competition Saw Her Mention Her Type 1 Diabetes

Mackenzie McKee poses in a bikini
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie has a life-long condition with her Type 1 diabetes. In the summer of last year, Mackenzie was looking ripped and shredded as she participated in a bikini modeling competition, but the captions during and after the event did mention struggling with blood sugars.

"Some days are harder than others, I am slowly learning to accept type 1 diabetes. I honestly don’t mind all daily needles and pokes, but being sick is miserable. Anyways, it’s been a rough two weeks. But nothing will stop me, I’m finding my fire, I’m pushing through, and I’m climbing to the top when they said I couldn’t," she wrote.

Found A Heartbreaking Note From Angie Weeks After Her Death

Mackenzie Mckee's note from her mother
Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

Mackenzie was still adjusting to life without Angie when she found a note from her mom – Mackenzie was traveling to NYC earlier this month when she stumbled across a written message from Angie in her purse. The "love you to the moon and back" note brought Mackenzie to tears.

"I have been to New York countless times but never without my momma. It was her favorite place and we always had the time of our lives there together. This trip was hard. I cried and was lonely but also spent time being thankful for these times with her. I opened my suit case after arriving and who knows how this wallet got here but it did. Mom, you figured out how to come with me. Thank you," she wrote.

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