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Sandra Bullock Says Being a Mom is Her Most Important Role

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Leena Kollar

For more than three decades, Sandra Bullock has captivated the world with her acting talents. Some of her most iconic roles include playing Birdee Pruitt in the movie Hope Floats, Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality, Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side and Malorie Hayes in Bird Box. But her favorite, and most important role? Being a mom to her two children, 10-year-old son Louis and eight-year-old Daughter Laila.

Both children were adopted by Bullock, in 2010 and 2015, respectively. The actress talked about how she knew she was supposed to be a mom in an interview with Today host Hoda Kotb.

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Interview With Hoda Kotb

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She tells Hoda it was Hurricane Katrina that sparked a "gut feeling" that she was supposed to adopt a child.

"Something told me, ‘My child is there.’ It was weird." The process of adopting Louis took four years. And when he was three years old, it was his words that led Bullock to believe there was another child meant to join their family.

During a visit with friends, Louis came into the room where Bullock was listening to one talk about her daughters. Louis told the ladies that he didn't have any daughters, but that he was going to have a baby soon.

Of the incident, Bullock says, “I realized at that time, maybe he knew something. And when I think about it, it would have been around the time that Laila was born.”

The Mom She Needs To be

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Now that she's been a mom for 10 years, Bullock says she thinks motherhood has always been her calling, not acting. In the interview with Kotb, Bullock elaborates, "Being a mom, I finally realize, 'Oh, this is what I was supposed to do when I grew up. Not be an actress; to be a mom.'"

And while she had that motherly instinct at a young age, she says she had to wait until she became the mom that her kids needed her to be before she could officially take on the title.

Talking to 'Friend' Jennifer Aniston

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Bullock also spoke to good friend, Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, and talked about how scary it can be to raise children.

She said, "I look at everyone who is trying to raise kids, and I go, 'How are we supposed to raise children outside of a bubble? And show them the difference between right and wrong, and what kindness looks like, when it’s really hard to find it with all the noise on a screen?' Screens are everywhere."

She also joked that her children are only allowed to go to colleges that she approves of; colleges that are located somewhere she feels comfortable, telling them, "You can go to these three colleges because I’m going to buy an apartment down the street."

An Advocate For Adoption

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It appears that Sandra Bullock's brood will not be growing, but whether she decides to grow her family or not, the actress hopes her story will inspire others to adopt children who need loving homes.

At the end of her conversation with Kotb, she said, "I hope me telling my story lets people know that there's no end game. There are hundreds of thousands of children that are ready to be your child. You're a forever parent the minute you accept the love of that child. And it's amazing to me how we can take away people's happiness by telling them that this is the box that you have to stay in. There's no box."

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