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Halsey Bares Her Pain In New Manic Album

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By Aja

Music enthusiasts are always looking for a new sound. The same mainstream pop music just doesn't satisfy fans anymore. Halsey is an artist who breaks the rules of pop music and redefines them. Her unique "indie" voice and singing accent make Halsey standout from other artists. She doesn't strive to be like every other singer. Now on her newest album Manic, the singer is getting personal like never before. Halsey has always been a great at storytelling, but she's even better at being vulnerable in her songs.

Halsey's "Manic" Album

Halsey singing at a concert
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Given the release of her 2020 album Manic the singer has reached a new level of stardom. Halsey was a star from the beginning but even moreso now that her third album went Platinum. Though her promotion and hit singles like Without Me have helped placed Halsey at the top spot on the Billboard Charts, it's really her vulnerability that made the album so great. Halsey's heartbreak, regrets, and painful life experiences made Manic one of her most honest pieces of work yet to date.

Halsey's Painful Miscarriage Experience

Halsey singing
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Sadly, Halsey has endured several health complications, her biggest battle being Endometriosis, a reproductive disease that has led the singer to have 3 miscarriages. Halsey referenced the painful experience in songs like You Should Be Sad Now and More. In an interview with The Guardian Halsey stated that while she has this "amazing life as a pop star, she can't experience motherhood." Though after years of treatments, the Bad At Love singer has been finally has the opportunity to have a healthy pregnancy. Halsey will for sure make a great and obviously, cool mom!

The Plastic Surgery Accusations That Couldn't Be Any Further From The Truth

Halsey a fashion event
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Halsey's miscarriage had to be one of the most difficult experiences the singer has ever endured. It's actually hard for any woman trying to conceive to go through. Luckily in the end she received the help she needed. Though, the years prior to her recent improvement were tiresome. Over the years, the Eastside singer struggled with finding the right diagnosis to her autoimmune disease. Fans even criticized the singer's appearance on several occasions, unware of her medical condition. Many believed that Halsey was cosmetically altered. The singer revealed that her "autoimmune disease made it impossible for her to receive injectibles." People on social media can be so insensitive sometimes.

Halsey's Team Tries To Silence Her

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Though the Now or Never singer has led a tough life with mental illness and medical problems, she considers it a contributing factor in helping with her artistry. Halsey admitted that she suffers from Bipolar Disorder as well. Much of the time she produced Manic she went through several periods of massive manic episodes, hence the album title name. A few times she even had to hospitalize herself. Given all the bad experiences associated with the disorder, one would think Halsey would want to bury them some where. Instead, Halsey embraces her problems wholeheartedly, believing that it's wrong for people to try and "police" her when it comes to publicly discussing her mental illness.

Halsey Says "Drama" Follows Her Wherever She Goes

Halsey at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards
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The singer is living the life of fame, but even sharing the spotlight with others can feel lonely. Halsey has admitted that her famous pop star friends steer clear of her and the "drama" that seems to follow the singer wherever she goes. Halsey is notorious for being outspoken, even to the point where it hinders her career. " It's hard to figure out when being an activist deflects attention from my art." The artist has been outspoken on topics about sexual abuse, mental health issues, women's issues and race. Arguably, if other women in the industry are afraid to stand beside Halsey then they aren't living their truth.

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