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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Is Calling Back All Her Little Monsters For Her Next Album!

By Aja

In recent years, Lady Gaga has become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The success of her 2019 film A Star Is Born and the movie's hit single Shallow made her an instant star, moreso than she's been in years. That isn't to say Gaga's earlier work has gone ignored. Fans still remember the days where Gaga sung Born This Way and wore her meat dress to the 2016 MTV awards show. She's unforgettable. Now with the release of her first single Stupid Love fans look forward to Mother Monster's return to the music scene.

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Her Stupid Love Track & Music Video

Lady Gaga
Gettyimages | Presley Ann

When Mother Monster drops a new song people are quick to listen. Not to mention, her music videos are out of this world! Lady Gaga definitely left a lasting impression on fans and critics alike with the release of her new track Stupid Love. The song and overall aesthetic of the video are very similar to her earlier work. Specifically they remind us of her Born This Way music video that was released a few years back. The loud colors, alien referrences and dance mob are all classic Lady Gaga!

Her Music Video Was Shot All On The #ShotOniPhone

Lady Gaga with filming crew

Not only was Lady Gaga's Stupid Love a colorful array and great dance performance, but it was also shot in high definition. Apple has taken the world by storm with its advance photography featured on its phones. It's most popular brand, the iPhone, has become a daily tool for filmmakers like Oscar-nominated Theodore Melfi. Even singers like Selena Gomez have filmed an entire music video on Apple's iPhone. Now Lady Gaga has joined the #ShotOniPhone movement by producing her Stupid Love music video all on the iPhone! Technology has definitely come a long way!

Lady Gaga Just Wants To Spread Love

Lady Gaga at a red-carpet event
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

As seen in her new video for Stupid Love, Lady Gaga just wants to bring joy to the world. The singer has made it clear that she's bringing back the old Lady Gaga. The late Born This Way singer will give fans lots of dance moves and plenty of intergalatic destinations to talk about. In an interview with Zane Lowe on his New Music Daily on Apple Music, Gaga discussed, "I put all my heart, all my pain, all my messages from the other realm that I hear of what they… what they tell me to tell the world and I put it into music." Gaga bares it all for the audience to see and never holds back who she is. That's why fans love her!

Will Gaga's Fashion Sense Change With The Upcoming Album

Lady Gaga at a fashion event
Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard

In preparation for her upcoming Chromatica album, Lady Gaga has done the unthinkable. She has bleached her eyebrows and dyed her hair platinum pink. Now her fashion sense comes into question. It seemed that during and after the release of her film A Star Is Born the singer tammed her looks. Now Lady Gaga has returned to her old self through absurd style choices. Lady Gaga might even wear up and coming designer James Irving's pieces again, like she did in 2014, dressed as a shimmering sea urchin. She has to jumpstart those new-album-vibes somehow!

The Leak Didn't Stop Fans From Listening

Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the Grammys
Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

Lady Gaga worked hard to produce her first single off her Chromatica album. However, some fans just don't appreciate Mother Monster's work ethic. Just last month, Stupid Love was leaked on Twitter. The social media account tried taking down the song several times but each time it kept getting put up again. Lady Gaga took to Twitter, attempting to stop the random leaks by posting a stock photo of a girl in a ski mask listening to music. The situation back fired on Gaga as she had apparently stolen the photo, just as her fans had her music. No matter the bad start, Gaga's new song and music video is still epic.

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