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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Talks About What Her Biggest Struggle is With Parenting

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Clarissa Wilson

Sandra Bullock has a good life. She is a famous celebrity, after all, has a loving relationship with a great guy, and has two children she absolutely loves and enjoys spending time with. Although it seems like everything in her life is perfect, she has worries in her life just like everyone else does.

One major thing she struggles with every day is a part of parentingthat many other parents struggle with too on a daily basis. She takes her job as a mother very seriously and this is why she struggles so hard with this part of parenting.

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Sandra Bullock
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Bullock loves her children so much, that she says she is a mom first and a movie star second. Her job of being a mom is something she feels she was born to do.

Bullock started her acting career in the late 80s. However, she didn't get her big break until she played in the major movie, Speed in 1994. Before and after her big break with this movie, she has been in a lot of different TV shows and movies over the years of her acting career.

Sandra Bullock
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She also played a big role in the movie, The Blind Side and even won an Emmy award for it in 2009. Many people probably remember her in the Netflix movie, Bird Box.

Although these were all important roles in her life and in her career, the most important role she has ever played, and will ever play is a mother. Bullock has two children, both adopted by her, 10-year-old Louis who was brought into her life in 2010 and her eight-year-old daughter who she adopted in 2015.

Sandra Bullock
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She says having these two children in her life makes her realize what is the most important thing in her life.

She said to Hota Kotb during an interview, "Being a mom, I finally realize, ‘Oh, this is what I was supposed to do when I grew up. Not be an actress; to be a mom.”

She also said that there was a point in her life when she didn't think she would ever have children. However, during the terrible damage that happened when Hurricane Katrina went through New Orleans in 2005, this was when she realized something very important to her.

Sandra Bullock
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She says that while this was happening, she told herself, "'My child is there.’ It was weird." However, she had to wait four more years before she brought her son, Louis home to live with her.

She said she probably would have been content with just having him in her life and not another child. However, she said Louis had different plans for her.

According to Bullock, while she was sitting there visiting with some of her friends, and Louis was three-years-old, he came into the room when one of her friends was talking about her daughters she has.

Sandra Bullock
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Louis interrupted the friend and said that he didn't have any daughters. He then followed that by saying, "But I’m going to have a baby soon!”

Bullock said she couldn't just laugh that off but instead she thought about what he said and thought maybe he knew something she didn't know at the time. She says now that she thinks about it, that was around the time her daughter was born.

Her daughter, Laila came to live with her and Louis when she was three-years-old from a foster home.

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock
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The main thing Bullock wants in life is to protect them but she feels she struggles with this part of her job as a parent. She watches the devastation on TV and tries to keep them away from seeing this stuff and just wants to keep them safe for the rest of their lives.

She jokes with her friend, Jennifer Aniston and says that she is keeping them home with her through their college years. However, Aniston has said that Bullock knows that she can't really do this and that one day she will have to let them go and be adults.

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