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Breaking Down Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift's New Music Video

By Nora Pattugalan

It’s 2020 and Taylor Swift has dropped another awaited music video from her album ‘Lover’ (2019). From discussions on toxic masculinity to subtle shade thrown, it’s no wonder that this music video formed a couple theories. Each and every music video holds some kind of message. This time, the messages are clear as the singer and songwriter is walking through scenarios. The costume change for one, has fans swooning or tilting their heads. What easter eggs were present in the music video and what do they mean?

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Directed by Swift herself, the music video outwardly points out toxic masculinity within the music industry and experiences throughout her life. As a woman in her now thirties, she had time to reflect on events in her life. She now brought the topic of masculinity and her rollercoaster of feuds. There is a push and pull on opinions which people have about the singer. Whether or not she cares is responded through song. If you pay high attention to detail, there are several key points and fun fan theories.

The music video was released on 02/27/20. If you add all the numbers together, you will find that it equals to thirteen. The number 13 is Taylor Swift’s favorite number and her birthday lands on the 13th as well. A combination of 2 and 27 can be seen for the promotions of ‘Lover’. For some, Swift’s alter ego, Tyler Swift somewhat resembles Scott Disick, and the setting the music video reminds other of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

As it was not forgotten, a familiar reference toward a person can be seen in this music video. In 2016, a problem ensued with Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun. A scene from the music video shows a wall on which names of Swift's albums were written. Another take on Braun in the video was the use of electric scooters This could be stating that her albums nearly went down the drain because of this feud with Braun. She felt run over by him. Nevertheless, Swift still persisted.

As another easter egg, the alter ego, Tyler was seen surrounded by women. All of Taylor’s songs and albums contained personal yet relatable meanings that have been misinterpreted over the years. So were her relationships. The women could have represented how Taylor dated one man after another. For men, it is typically celebrated if they find several women attractive, if they had dated many women. However, women must only settle with one partner. Going from one relationship to another for a woman is socially unacceptable.

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