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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Canada Is Going To Stop Paying For Harry And Meghan's Security Detail

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By Carolyn B.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be facing their biggest hurdle since stepping down as senior members of the royal family. The Canadian government has announced they will no longer be footing the bill for security detail on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In a statement, officials announced the ending of security for Harry and Meghan after they officially step down at the end of next month. The statement claims the country was responsible for security for persons of public interest, but that the Sussexes' status will change after they are officially done with the palace.

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Taxpayers Say No

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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There seemed to be much confusion when Harry and Meghan first announced their move to Canada. Nobody seemed to know who would, or should, pay for the couple's security.

Taxpayers in Canada were quite adamant about the situation, insisting they did not want to pay for such an expense. A petition circulated making their stance clear on the issue. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already promised to give money back to taxpayers in the United Kingdom over funds that were used to renovate their Frogmore Cottage home.

15 Guards

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Gettyimages | Dan Istitene

There are a lot of guards on the Sussex payroll, or so reports seem to indicate. It was recently revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex employ a total of 15 security guards to protect themselves and their infant son, Archie Harrison. The guards reportedly live in a total of three houses, including on the grounds of Harry and Meghan's own home.

Making the situation a little rockier, the report indicated some bitterness between the guards and Harry and Meghan. Sources claim security is sometimes asked to run errands, a task they reportedly feel is not in the job description.

Logistical Nightmare

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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While Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have already made it their goal to become financially independent, many reports have called security one of the biggest logistical hurdles faced by the couple in their current situation.

In fact, some Hollywood insiders have claimed they would love for Meghan to revive her acting career. However, sources say providing security for the Duchess of Sussex would be quite an ordeal. This makes things quite tricky, as security is one of Harry and Meghan's top concerns.

Baby Archie

Archie Harrison, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry
Gettyimages | Pool/Samir Hussein

Harry and Meghan decided to step down to protect their son from the British press. Prince Harry has said on many occasions that he believes the media's treatment of his mother -- Princess Diana -- had a hand in her untimely death in a car accident when he was a young boy. The Duke of Sussex has compared his mother's treatment to that of Meghan's and said he wanted to protect his family from that fate.

The Sussexes have already warned paparazzi away from their Canada home. Lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to photographers, citing wreckless driving and camping outside the house as concerns.

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