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Usher Performs A Snippet Of 'Confessions Part 3'

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By kenadijiba

The decline of Usher’s legendary career after some hysteria concerning past relationships, and his health has led to speculation over what his new song, Confessions part three is about. He more recently performed a snippet of the song to an audience, and some assumptions were made. Since this controversy went viral a few years ago Usher has become somewhat of a shut in. When he does make appearances on television, fans in the comments are disheartened by the toll these accusations have put on Usher's good name.

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Invasion Of Privacy

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Now, when it comes to the status over someone's health it is imperative to maintain privacy. It is no one's business whether someone has cancer, or an STI. These things are incredibly personal and no matter if someone is famous, this does not excuse the invasion of exclusive information. But, if Usher does choose to come out and proudly reveal his own medical history that is his own choice. With a strong return aided by a song so distinctive could Usher manifest a comeback?

Give Usher His Respect

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Apart from the gossip over Usher’s life outside of music, Usher deserves his flowers. This man was a pillar of the early 2000’s. There is no one who won't at least do a little shimmy when “Yeah” flows out of the radio. His master influence on the world for a good ten years should be rewarded and respected. Making fun of the man for things that have not been one hundred percent confirmed, is a bit heartless. Can empathy make a comeback?

Humanizing Celebrities


Having an opinion on all things does not mean we should comment on all things. Gratefully most of us live in a world where free speech is a given, and never should that be taken lightly. But, when celebrities are made out to be almost non human and solely images, there can be a problem. The mental health of many in the spotlight is on the line when inconsiderate posts crowd their feed over things they cannot control. Whether that be how they physically look, or other complicated circumstances.

Hate Speech

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The issue then in turn transforms into an everyday normal person issue. The prevalence of online bullying is precipitated by those who get emboldened on the internet, in part by also taking time to leave borderline “hateful” speech on the posts of those with millions of followers. If someone from Iowa thinks it is okay to joke on Nicki Minaj’s timeline about her issues concerning her brother, and his case. Then why wouldn't they bring that into real life and start inserting themselves into gossip to do with their friends at school. There is somehow a deep seeded connection.

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