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Producers of 'Black Ink Crew' Suspend Cast Member Sky After Altercation With 19-Year-Old Son, Des

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

The mid-season premiere of 'Black Ink Crew' aired on VH1 on February 26 and a story line that viewers were expecting is the rocky relationship between Sky and her 19-year-old son, Des. This was displayed in the trailer for the new season as Des attempted to come to Sky's house to reconcile their differences after he was accused of stealing from her. The door was closed on him but he eventually got in. Things started to get more heated as Des called her a "dumbass."

Now, Sky has been suspended by producers of the show for the "incident that took place. Tattoo parlor owner Ceaser Emanuel said it "It spiraled out of control and people got hurt," per Distractify. One of the producers added that they "won't allow s--t to go down like this." Prior to Des entering Sky's home in the season's trailer for the premiere, he came into the situation thinking that everything would be all good. From that point, it looked like Sky didn't want anything to do with him.

Sky also mentioned to Des how a girl DMed her on Instagram saying how she's pregnant with Des' child. Des ended up responding by saying he wanted to put their "f*cked up past" behind them but Sky accused her son of just wanting money. Sky even went as far as telling Des that she wish she had aborted him. This situation simply ended up being something that was over before it started as Sky showed that the tension was definitely there.

Sky continued to hurl insults such as wanting to "beat his ass" and that she should've swallowed him. She thinks that nobody wants Des, including both her and his father. Des and his other brother Genesis explained on social media before how Sky never wants to see them with the exception of when it's time to shoot footage for TV.

This month, Sky added in an interview with Baller Alert that even the tattoo parlor she worked at suspended her. As a result of the suspension, she went on to call Caesar "crazy."

Sky wants to leave New York for Los Angeles to pursue acting and music careers. At this rate, her relationship with Des may never be repaired. Hopefully, we're in for a surprise this season and they end any issues they have with each other. Sky added that she is working on a movie as she's part of Days Media Productions. She plans to release a movie with Netflix soon. We all would definitely love to see Des end up part of these endeavors as well one day.

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