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Shawn Johnson East and her husband Andrew.

Shawn Johnson East Admits to Having a Different Parenting Style From Her Husband Andrew

Gettyimages | Joe Scarnici
By Nic Morales

Olympic gold medalist and former star of Dancing With the Stars, Shawn Johnson East and her husband Andrew welcomed their first child in October. A baby girl, Drew, changed the lives of the couple in various ways. East has discovered the differences in the parenting style of herself and Andrew.

The couple are extremely active on social media platforms, staying up-to-date with fans on their lives. One thing East is becoming to realize is the troubles with living such a public life.

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The comments on the couple's social media post give many encouragements and good vibes, but much of the comment section is also dedicated to shaming the new mother on her parenting techniques and behavior.

“We all start out reading negative comments and taking it so personally,” East told Yahoo! Lifestyle. “So I’ve had to kind of build-up that strength and that thick skin over time.”

“I try to just take the perspective of: Wow, that made me feel a certain way so that means moms out there are feeling this as well,” she continued.


Shawn Johnson East and husband Andrew
Gettyimages | Joe Scarnici

“And if it’s a big enough topic or enough people are saying it, I’ll try to address it in a lighthearted way.” And about moms in general, she says, “I feel like moms, in general, have this innate feeling that it is our responsibility."

"And even though it’s a parenting duo, at the end of the day you just feel this mom guilt that feels heavier than parenting guilt,” East went on, pointing out that mom-shaming is a very real and dangerous thing.

Shawn Johnson East
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“I think that people do direct it to the moms unfairly because they feel like, ‘Oh it’s the mom’s responsibility to make sure everything is going smooth, micro-manage every part of their life.’”

With all the pressure from fans, this normal new-mom feeling is augmented from her status. She says, “Every single decision you make you feel is impacting their future and setting them up for life or tearing them down,” [Johnson East told Us Weekly] “That guilt can really take over sometimes.”

Helicopter Momma, Fun Daddy

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“I feel like every mom becomes it, just because you have this instinct of how you think your kid should be raised, and dad will go over and do something and you’re like, ‘Oh no, she likes it this way,’” the Olympian admits.

“We actually had a conversation about that the other day. I’m like, ‘I’m sorry I have been working on it. I will try not to micromanage you.’”

And about their differences, she says, “He’s more the laid back, playful kind [of parent]. I’m more of keeping on schedule.”

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