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Taylor Swift gestures to the crows in a black-and-white geometric overcoat with matching boots

Taylor Swift Drops a Line of 'The Man' Merch

Gettyimages | China News Service
By Xandra Harbet

In addition to dropping truth bombs in her new music video for "The Man," Taylor Swift dropped a new line of merch based on the video.

Swifties lined up for hours after Swift dropped an extensive line of exclusive products during the release of "Lover." Her pop-up shop never had a lull, and merch immediately started flashing the dreaded "Out of Stock" as new items were released each day. Now, the singer is back at it again—and fans are hype.

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Serving Flaming Hot Tea

Giphy | Taylor Swift

"The Man" quickly became a fan-favorite upon its release in 2019. In the recently dropped video of the song performed live in Paris, fans joined Swift in singing the entire song. It was playful, it was pointed, and it was performed with a lot of passion.

In a male-dominated world where everyone else gets to write your narrative, "The Man" speaks to every woman who has faced comments about her appearance at work. It rings true for every woman who's been told to smile more. Every woman who's been told "Oh, it must be that time of the month" will jam out to this song with an unrivaled vigor.

Walking With Purpose

Taylor swift in a pink and gold gown surrounded by six AMAs
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur/AMA2019

Swift gets it. We all get it. The song marked a pivotal moment, giving women everywhere an anthem we can blast in our headphones while we walk down the street with purpose.

Now, fans can walk down the street wearing merch to match the fire in their steps. Available for purchase on Swifts site are socks, wristbands, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and a poster. The pop icon made sure there was something for everyone to enjoy. Don't hate Swift because she's a marketing genius.

Dress Like Taylor

Taylor Swift performing with a teal guitar in a purple dress
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Just like she did with the original shop, Swift included replicas of some of the merch she wore when she masked herself as a man for the music video.

Her alter ego wore blue sweatbands on his wrist in the video, adorned with the phrases "Fearless Leader" and "Alpha Type." The wristbands are available for purchase for $15. And what's a tennis outfit without matching tube socks and a hat? While the socks didn't appear in the video, they go perfectly with the baseball cap that was featured.

Taylor Swift: A BAMF Business B

Taylor Swift performing with a black guitar against a black backdrop
Gettyimages | Dave Hogan

The rest of the merch features artwork that almost looks like it should be a minimalist Star Wars design. Swift is standing in front of a window that looks out into space—with a looming shadow of taking front-and-center. Her shadow is wearing a red tie and stands over the lyric, "I'd be an alpha type." Each item has a different color variation of the design.

The merchandise drop speaks to Swift's business savvy and boss persona almost as much as the song. The world criticizes Swift for the image she meticulously cultivates, but much of her success is rooted in her keen business sense. Instead of being recognized for it, and the effort she puts in all of her endeavors (that most other artists pay someone to do), she gets slammed for it. But that's why we need songs like "The Man." Taylor Swift built an empire for herself, and she deserves to sit on its throne.

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