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Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Is Climbing The Ladder Of Success

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By Aja

Tom Hardy has come along way in his acting career. The now 42 year-old actor is known for playing more gritter and complicated roles. Hardy is one of the few actors willing to delve inside the dark minds of his characters, which makes him quite the "it" boy. He's even become something of an action star, especially with his newest role as journalist-turned-Symbiote Eddie Brock in the DC movie Venom. Along with the Venom sequel, Hardy has a huge rep sheet and one that continues to grow by the minute.

Tom Hardy's Backstory

Tom Hardy
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Unlike other actors, Hardy didn't to have work for his success. Instead, the This Means War star had a pretty well-off-to-do upbringing. Hardy went to several prestigious schools and took a number of drama classes. His acting career really took off when he starred in a slew of Tv shows and films. Hardy worked so hard at his craft that he did five films back to back in 2015. Though in his early teen to youth years he suffered from a drug addiction and alcoholism, which set him back on a few his earlier projects. Luckily, the actor got into rehab and has since recovered. He's been sober since 2003 and hasn't looked back.

Hardy's Iconic Role In "Inception"

Tom Hardy
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As Tom Hardy starts to gain prominence in the acting industry, he's also becoming a household name. The actor has starred in some of the greatest pieces of film ever to hit the big screen. Most fans remember Hardy's role as Eames in the 2010 psychological film Inception alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was about "a thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology and is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a C.E.O." Hardy's character Eames worked as a forger who could impersonate others in order to control them. Hardy played the role like a pro!

Tom Hardy In "The Revenant"

Tom Hardy & Leonardo DiCaprio
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That's pretty epic to star in a movie alongside legendary Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Tom Hardy, however, had the best beginners luck in the world when he teamed up with the famous actor again in the 2015 action and adventure film The Revenant. Not only that but Hardy's name was featured alongside DiCaprio's on the promotional posters. The 42 year-old was now just as famous as the Titanic star, if not bigger. Tom Hardy must've been on cloud 9 when he got the job!

Hardy's Role In The Rebooted "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Tom Hardy at "Mad Max" event
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Tom Hardy's acting skills were put to the test when he starred in the 2015 action film Mad Max: Fury Road, a rebooted version of the original films from the 1970's. The movie features "a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where a woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in search for her homeland, with the help of a loner named Max Rockatanksy." Hardy took on the lead role, which required that the actor spend several days out in the desert on set. Believe it or not the movie was nominated 10 times at the Oscars and took home 6 wins. Now the movie is set for a sequel in the near future.

Hardy's Venom 2

Tom Hardy at 2018 "Venom" event
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Some of Hardy's acting roles are questionable and sometimes absurd but no one can deny that he is a great action actor. In his lineup of upcoming films, Hardy will reprise his role as Eddie Brock in the new Venom, which is set to hit theaters this October! The action film is one of the first franchises to offer a sequel this year, while others are dragging out continued series all the way to 2024! Venom 2 has already released a teaser look at Venom's nemesis Carnage who will be played by long-time actor Woody Harrelson. Tom Hardy literately gets the best acting gigs in town!

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