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'The Bachelor': Is Madison Too Good for Peter? Many Fans Think So

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON
By Francesca O'Hern

On Monday's episode, Peter encountered what may be the most serious hurdle he's had to face with one of the women he's been dating. Madison Prewett let him know that her religion played an important part in her dating life, and that if he slept with either of the other women during fantasy suites week, she would not feel comfortable continuing on the show with him. Now that things did not turn out how she hoped, we are not sure whether or not she will be returning to the show, and public opinion is divided.

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The Drama, Explained

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON

After the rose ceremony that followed hometown dates last week, Madison took Peter aside to tell him that, because of her values, she would not continue on the show if Peter slept with either Victoria or Hannah Ann during their fantasy suite dates. Later, on her own fantasy suite date with Peter, Peter confessed that he had been "intimate" with at least one of the women. This caused Madison to step outside, and Peter to follow her and beg her to stay. However, Madison eventually kept walking and the episode ended, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Should Madison Not "Settle" for Peter?

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Madison has been a fan-favorite from the start, for her sweet personality and ability to star far from the drama that so many other women have caused. When she expressed her values, many members of Bachelor Nation agreed that she was being strong and communicating well. This is why, when Peter seemingly betrayed her, many fans of Madi's took to social media to beg her not to choose him. "You better not say yes if Peter proposes. He doesn’t deserve u," commented one fan, while another added, "I feel like Madi needs someone who has a better relationship with God than what Peter has shown."

Some Fans Say Madison Should Have Been More Clear

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On the flip side, many fans believe Madison should have communicated her beliefs to Peter earlier if they were so important. One fan tweeted, "I respect Madison’s choice, but ultimately she’s kind of taken the choice away from Peter. It’s a slight double standard. She knew the entire time of his intimacy values - and he didn’t know hers. She withheld that info until they were far enough along. That’s deceptive." Many fans have come to Peter's defense in much the same way, arguing that dating and possibly sleeping with multiple people is simply the nature of the show.

Has Peter Made His Biggest Mistake Yet?

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Whether there was a miscommunication or not, Bachelor Nation seems to agree that, of all the contestants this season, Madi and Pete were probably the best match for each other. So when Peter admitted that he had been "intimate" with the other two women and Madison walked away, we all (including Peter's mom, probably) wanted them to work it out. If Peter's remaining options are Hannah Ann, who is nice but does not seem ready to commit to marriage, and Victoria, who has been manipulative and even abusive toward Peter, we will be sorely disappointed.

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