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Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's First Impression of Jennifer Aniston

Gettyimages | Charley Gallay
By Jennifer Vaughn

Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston met because they dated the same man in the 90s. Tate Donovan, an actor, dated Bullock first. Their relationship was pretty serious. Fans even thought they were engaged. However, after 4 years they broke up, and he began dating Aniston shortly after the breakup. His relationship with her did not last long. I mean it was most likely a rebound relationship and he did not want to commit. Sound familiar anyone? I am pretty sure most of us have been there.

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Sandra Bullock
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In 2010, it was Tate who introduced Bullock to Aniston at the Golden Globe Awards. After the initial meeting, the two crossed paths again at the wedding of a mutual friend. They've been friends ever since.

Aniston was interviewed by Bullock for 'Interview Magazine.' The interview was published on February 11, 2020.

The interview starts off with Bullock asking Aniston what designer she is wearing after asking her if she is wearing her 'jammies.' Aniston replied while laughing, 'I’m wearing Rag & Bone jeans and an Elder Statesman sweater.'

Jennifer Aniston
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It is clear by the first few words of the interview that these two are true friends. This isn't some facade that is meant to fool fans. The two continued to talk back and forth with Bullock saying,

"So can I say, 'Jen was casually chic for the interview, layered in light cottons and some cashmere, with her legs tucked up under her, as she snuggled on the couch?'"

Aniston Replied, "Let me jump up and get snuggly, hold on. Yes, now you can say that."

Sandra Bullock
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The two then began talking about 'Tate' and how they both dated him. Bullock then brought up the wedding that was their second meeting. Aniston started the conversation at the wedding with a note to Bullock, and Bullock responded with a shot of Jack Daniels, the only choice for a drink at the wedding.

The two agreed that tequila would have been a much better choice for a drink.

Bullock said that this wedding was the first time she ever had gotten sick from drinking with Aniston. Then the topic of Bullock's first impression of Aniston came up.

Jennifer Aniston
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Bullock said, "I was trying to think of my first impression of you, and, like almost everyone’s first impression of you, it was on the television. And I was trying to remember if that was the person who I got to meet. I remember the first thing I thought of you was, 'A beautiful woman who has extraordinary timing is almost impossible to find.' You allowed yourself to look foolish, heartbroken, clumsy, like an idiot. I think that’s why everyone feels so comfortable in your presence. You said, 'Yeah, I might look like this, but guess what? I have the same failings and insecurities you do.' I remember thinking, 'God, I hope she’s really like that. If she’s not, I’m going to be so bummed.'"

So Bullock had the same first impression of Aniston as the rest of us. If that doesn't make celebrities appear somewhat more like the rest of us, what will?

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